Mashama Bailey at the James Beard Awards.

ICE Alumnae Who Inspire

ICE Alumna Mashama Bailey accepting the 2022 James Beard Award for Outstanding Chef.

ICE alumni can be found thriving across the food and beverage industry. In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve collected stories about some of the women who made ICE part of their journey and continue to inspire us every day. 

They’re being recognized by The James Beard Foundation
Meet the six ICE alumnae who were recognized as semi-finalists for the 2023 James Beard Awards.

They’re leading with heart
This Marine Corps veteran transitioned from serving her country to serving up sweet treats.

They’re business moguls
Alumna and culinary force Chef Rachel Yang’s abilities not just in the kitchen, but in the world of restaurant management, have led to an ever-growing empire in the Pacific Northwest.

They’re putting pen to paper
These five alumnae jumped from the kitchen to the page with the launch of their cookbooks.

ICE alumna Susete Araujo.
ICE alumna Susete Araujo.

They’re taking the plunge
Chef Susete Araujo’s lifetime in Brazil developed her love of food and cooking. After taking a chance and braving the move to America, she honed her skills at ICE and wound up at one of the world’s best restaurants.

They’re turning their passion into profit
ICE alumna Chef Rasheeda Purdie fell in love with ramen, and cultivated that love into her pop-up business “Ramen by Ra,” developing creative and unique ramen flavors to serve around the country. 

They’re reinventing themselves
Immigration lawyer turned sailboat chef Leslie Lipton knew she was ready to finally follow her dream of culinary school, and launched a new career in her 50s.

Lede photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images for James Beard Foundation⁠.

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