Chef Mashama Bailey at the 2022 James Beard Awards.

Meet the Speaker: Mashama Bailey

Few chefs have blazed onto the American dining scene with such universal praise as Chef Mashama Bailey. Born in New York City — in the Bronx, specifically — Chef Mashama spent some of her formative

Chef Evan Funke's headshot

Meet the Speaker: Chef Evan Funke

A self-described “culinary storyteller and custodian of Italian tradition,” Evan Funke’s name is synonymous with elaborate hand-rolled pasta in the American culinary scene. With four restaurants, two

Chef Esther Choi speaking at ICE NY Commencement.

ICE Grad Esther Choi Hosts New Chef Competition Show

Following in the footsteps of ICE Alumni like Gail Simmons (host, “Top Chef”), Vivian Howard (host, “A Chef’s Life”); Marc Murphy (recurring judge, “Chopped”) and more who have been mainstays in the

An open cookbook on a kitchen counter.

Cookbooks Written by Female Chefs

Women in the kitchen is not a new phenomenon. In fact, you’ll find interviews with chefs across the world, in all types of cuisine and at all levels of sophistication stating they learned to cook from

Mashama Bailey at the James Beard Awards.

ICE Alumnae Who Inspire

They’re being recognized by The James Beard Foundation Meet the six ICE alumnae who were recognized as semi-finalists for the 2023 James Beard Awards. They’re leading with heart This Marine Corps

ICE alum Stephen Lampshire

Resolution Inspiration: ICE Alumni Changed Their Lives to Pursue Their Passion

Being a career changer in culinary school is more common than many people may think. Here are some stories about ICE alumni who changed careers to become the successful culinarians they are today

Pouring wine out of a decanter.

How to Choose a Wine Glass

There can be an overwhelming number of options when stocking your barware collection. Do you really need a special glass for every type of grape? Is a Champagne flute the best bet for sparkling

Cindy Gilbert at the Institute of Culinary Education

ICE Alum Cindy Gilbert Leads the Test Kitchen at McCormick Spices

“I’m very Type A, so I found the minutiae fascinating,” she says. Ten years later, you can thank her for all the McCormick spice recipes you love. It wasn’t long into her first job out of college at

Chef Leslie Lipton

From Immigration Lawyer to Private Sailboat Chef: Meet ICE Alumna Leslie Lipton

That decision changed her life. "I was a little older, but I found my niche," she says. "You can take your culinary education and your experience and morph it into something good for you.” Upon

Pastry Chef Saloni Mehta smiles

ICE Alumna and Former Dubai Pastry Chef Saloni Mehta Launches Her First Book

Chef Saloni Mehta always knew that baking was in her future. The chef, who spent her formative years in India and Oman, had always loved to cook and bake. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in

Pastry Chef Richard Kennedy smiles in the ICE hallway

Meet Richard Kennedy, ICE New York’s Lead Chef-Instructor of Pastry & Baking Arts

Growing up in Brooklyn, Chef Richard Kennedy (aka “Chef Richie”) stumbled into his future career at 16 years old when he saw a “help wanted” sign in the window of his local bakery. “I would go over to

Chef Markus Glocker

Five Takeaways from Chef Markus Glocker

If your Instagram algorithm is at all attuned to hot new restaurants in New York City, you’ve probably already seen dozens of photos of the salmon en croûte from Chef Markus Glocker’s hit restaurant

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