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How to Become a Hotel Manager

Pursue your hospitality career dream in New York City with ICE's Hospitality & Hotel Management diploma program.

Hotel and hospitality management positions are found in hotels, resorts, cruise ships, casinos, conference and event centers, spas and country clubs, to name a few. As a global industry, the hotel and hospitality sector offers opportunities all over the world. The industry reflects its diverse clientele in its multi-generational, multicultural workforce. 

Hospitality management is a rewarding and exciting career path with plenty of opportunity for working abroad. While some people become a hotel manager by working their way up the ranks, others choose to pursue a more formal education. 

Study the essentials of the hotel and hospitality industry

ICE's Hospitality & Hotel Management diploma program uses a mix of in-class instruction, guest lectures and real-world application. The curriculum is segmented into focused units, ranging from hospitality, travel and tourism to accounting and finance. Students are taught the ins and outs of marketing and sales, hotel and restaurant management, payroll and pricing, human resources, event planning and front desk operations. A well-rounded education about all aspects of the hospitality sector gives students the foundation to explore and excel in the industry. 

The program is designed to give students the skills and knowledge needed to launch a career in hospitality management, which includes training students on industry-standard technology. OPERA PMS is a property management system used by many hotel chains. It's a crucial technology for the day-to-day activities of hotel management. Hospitality students will have the opportunity to learn this technology before their first day on the job. 

The program's instructors offer years of industry experience. Several instructors work as active consultants, and students can benefit from these instructors' insight on current industry trends and standards.

Connect with experts in the field.

The program is offered at ICE's New York campus, and the curriculum incorporates opportunities available throughout the city. New York City is a hub for hotels and tourism, drawing both domestic and international visitors with a range of budget and hospitality needs. The high-demand for hospitality services in the city creates unique opportunities for students to observe hotel operations in action and build a network with industry professionals.

The program includes field trips to hotels around the city up to the instructor's discretion; past field trips have included the Ritz-Carlton by Central Park, The Wolcott Hotel on 5th Avenue and Double Tree Hotel in Times Square. ICE also invites experienced hoteliers and hospitality experts to speak as guest lecturers. Past guest speakers include Richard Amato, Vice President of the Hotel Association of New York City, Deborah A. Croce, Director of Human Resources at the Ritz-Carlton and Mark Lauer, General Manager of the New York Hilton. 

Apply classroom knowledge to real-world operations.

ICE's Hospitality & Hotel Management program culminates in a 200-hour externship, in which students apply their classroom knowledge to gain hands-on work experience at a hotel or related establishment. Externships are an opportunity to get a foot in the door of the industry and build relationships that, for many students, lead to full-time job offers in the future. 

Students secure their externship with the help of ICE's career services, which is a valuable tool for finding available positions and launching a hospitality career without prior connections in the industry. Past externships held by hospitality students include positions at Le Parker Meridien, The Standard and The Waldorf-Astoria. 

The hospitality industry encourages career movement from entry-level positions to higher managerial roles. Many larger organizations offer a career ladder program, so employees can rise the ranks within the same company as they gain more experience throughout their career. The externship program helps students enter into this upward career path. 

Start your dream career.

With ICE's Hospitality & Hotel Management program, you can receive a diploma in 8 to 12 months, opening the door to a career in hospitality. Take the first step toward a career in the world of hotels, tourism and hotel restaurant management today.

Learn more about ICE's Hospitality & Hotel Management program here.

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