an airbrushed cake by cake artist Lisa Berczel

The Craft of Cake Painting: Airbrush Artist Lisa Berczel

Courtesy of Lisa Berczel

When it comes to the art of the airbrush, there’s little Lisa Berczel hasn’t tried. From painting cars to cakes and even the human body, Lisa is renowned for her genre-defying airbrush illusions and artwork. Read on to learn more about Lisa’s diverse industry experience.

Lisa Berczel Airbrush ArtistWhat initially sparked your interest in airbrushing?

As soon as I could hold a crayon, I've had a go at just about every craft and art form there is. Airbrush inevitably had its turn. However, that was a long time before online videos or forums where you could ask about advanced techniques. Without easy access to good information, my airbrush just sat in a drawer for about 10 years. Then, I lost my corporate job as a result of a shoulder injury and picked up the airbrush again during my recovery. By then, it was the era of the how-to video and I’ve never looked back.

Do you think someone has to be a good artist to learn how to airbrush?

The airbrush is just another tool to be added to your creative arsenal. Understanding some basic technical information is all that is required to start incorporating it into a foundation of more traditionally executed designs. In fact, I find it's better to build up basic skills before getting too artsy with it.

How does your work with food materials relate to your past experience with airbrushed body paint?

My work as a makeup and body paint artist provided the perfect jumping off point to the world of food. I was already used to questions of safe practice in airbrushing, such as sanitation and choosing non-toxic, cosmetic or food grade products, which made the transition easier.

What techniques will be covered in the CAPS class?

The class is a comprehensive two-day boot camp. The first day will focus on understanding the airbrush, knowing which airbrush is the best fit for our needs and proper workplace setup. Students will learn and practice all the basic strokes, cleaning procedures and how to troubleshoot common issues. The second day we’ll introduce more advanced techniques, such as stenciling and painting on decorative items such as edible printer sheets, wafer paper, molded fondant and more. Lisa Berczel Airbrush Cakes

Are there any emerging trends in the world of airbrush art?  

Art trends move in cycles where everything old becomes new again. FDA-approved pigments remain relatively constant, but there is increasing attention paid to where those pigments come from. In particular, natural, plant-based colors are gaining popularity.

Why do you recommend participants bring their own airbrush for the class?

Each airbrush style has its own strengths and weaknesses. If a student has already purchased an airbrush set, it's best to train with it to get the most out of their investment. Demo equipment will be available so that everyone has the opportunity to try the different styles, and all students will come away with a complete understanding of the world of airbrush.

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