Cooking Up Romance with Chef Vicki Caparulo

Chef Vicki Caparulo turned to her class, "Does anyone have any questions?" To the surprise of one student, Danielle, her boyfriend Jerry raised his hand. Or rather, got down on one knee.


The happy couple was hardly new to ICE. One of their first dates was Chef Loren Banco's Great New York Restaurants' Signature Dishes. When deciding how to propose, Jerry passed on a private yacht or freezing the ring in an ice cube at a fancy restaurant. Instead, he opted, "to give Danielle a story that was uniquely her own...that related to our story together, so I went back to that early date at ICE." After an afternoon Cheese Lover's Romp with Alexandra Leaf, the couple headed to Chef Vicki Caparulo's Essentials of Mediterranean Cooking.

"I didn't expect to be so nervous," said Jerry, " I kept going into the bathroom to practice my proposal while we were cooking." Luckily, his accomplice, Chef Caparulo, is no stranger to kitchen romance. The engagement went off without a hitch, to the delight of Danielle and the rest of the class. "The only unanticipated downside was that after cooking for four hours, Danielle was too excited to eat anything. But she loved the experience, and we wouldn't change a thing".

Congratulations Jerry and Danielle! We look forward to seeing what you'll cook up as husband and wife.

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