Chef Sim demonstrates how to proof, shape and score dough.

Bread 101 with Chef Sim Cass

Dean of Artisan Bread Baking Sim Cass shares how to proof, shape, score and bake bread with Mental Floss.

The legendary Balthazar Bakery alum shows Facebook viewers how to fold, slap and cut dough like a pro — and the science behind these techniques.

Chef Sim shares the No. 1 tool for making bread, how to know the dough is ready and his guidelines for incorporating flour throughout the process. Plus, learn four ways to tell you did everything right when your loaf comes out of the oven. Watch him handle dough like a pro in Mental Floss's mesmerizing video.

Make more than 40 types of bread with hands-on training from Chef Sim in ICE's eight-week Artisan Bread Baking course.

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