Marc Vetri and Andrew Friedman

Andrew Friedman Talks to Marc Vetri

Marc Vetri (left) and Andrew. Photographed at Vetri Cucina in Philadelphia, PA. (April 2023)

After three years of trying to get across a table from each other to record a pod conversation, Marc Vetri and Andrew finally found time during the Philly Chef Conference this spring.

They met on a beautiful April morning in the dining room of Marc’s flagship Vetri Cucina and went through Marc’s evolution from aspiring rock star to fledgling cook to full-fledged chef and business person.

Along the way, they recall some industry legends, discuss sticking to your guns in deal-making, and the rationale for overseas stages.

This episode of Andrew Talks to Chefs, a fully independent podcast hosted by Andrew Friedman, was published with permission. 

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