Marc Vetri and Andrew Friedman

Andrew Friedman Talks to Marc Vetri

They met on a beautiful April morning in the dining room of Marc’s flagship Vetri Cucina and went through Marc’s evolution from aspiring rock star to fledgling cook to full-fledged chef and business

Amanda Shulman, left, and Andrew. Photographed at Hot Luck Festival in Austin, May 2023.

Andrew Friedman Talks to Amanda Shulman

Following a string of stages and early jobs, she committed to the pro kitchen and trained in Vegas, Montreal and New York City before opening her hugely successful Her Place in Philadelphia. On this

Andrew Friedman in conversation with Chef Ryan Bartlow

Andrew Friedman Talks to Chef Ryan Bartlow

In this interview, Ryan paints a vivid picture of his time overseas that caused him to fall in love with this food. He also recounts his time in some important kitchens, including as part of the

Ron Yan of Parcelle wine bar

Andrew Friedman Talks to Parcelle Wine Bar's Ron Yan

In this conversation recorded outside the restaurant in late 2022, Ron describes his initial interest in food and cooking, his gravitation to New York City, and his experience in a range of New York

Andrew Friedman with John Hong & Kat Hong

Andrew Friedman Talks to John & Kat Hong

At the top of his list, based on an excellent dinner at their restaurant last fall, were John and Kat Hong, chef-owners of Yangban (yes, they’ve dropped the “Society” from the name) in DTLA. In this

Rob Connoly

Supporting Queer Cooks & Chefs with Rob Connoley (An Andrew Talks to Chefs Special Conversation)

In a recent, impassioned social media post, Chef Rob Connoley, chef and owner of Bulrush restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri, lamented the continued unwelcoming environment many queer cooks face in the

Andrew Friedman with Chef Omar Tate

Andrew Talks to Chefs: Omar Tate (Honeysuckle Projects; Philadelphia, PA)

In addition to drawing enthusiastic diners wherever they were staged, he received accolades such as being named Esquire's "Chef of the Year" in 2020. After pandemic pivots, which included a residency

Chef Greg Baxtrom holds a microphone

One Chef’s Ongoing Mental Health Journey with Greg Baxtrom

**Content warning — this episode discusses suicidal feelings.** In that post, Chef Greg mentioned that he’d be joining Andrew for a discussion about his ongoing mental health journey. This is that

Andrew Friedman and Manu Buffara sit behind a copy of Manu's book

Andrew Friedman Talks to Manoella "Manu" Buffara

This week, she published a book — "Manu: Recipes and Stories from My Brazil" — that, like the restaurant, is a summation of herself and her cuisine to this point in her journey. While in New York City

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