Andrew Friedman in conversation with Chef Ryan Bartlow

Andrew Friedman Talks to Chef Ryan Bartlow

Ryan Bartlow, chef-owner of the outstanding Spanish/Basque restaurant Ernesto’s in NYC, recounts his formative years in Chicago, including being part of the opening team at Alinea, and the road that led to him devoting himself to Spanish cuisine

Ryan Bartlow, right, and Andrew Friedman. Photographed at Ernesto’s in April 2023.

At his restaurant Ernesto’s in lower Manhattan, chef Ryan Bartlow serves up stunningly faithful renditions of the Basque cuisine he came to love while staging in Spain early in his career.

In this interview, Ryan paints a vivid picture of his time overseas that caused him to fall in love with this food. He also recounts his time in some important kitchens, including as part of the opening team of such storied restaurants as Alinea in Chicago and Frenchette in New York City. 

This episode of Andrew Talks to Chefs, a fully independent podcast hosted by Andrew Friedman, was published with permission. 

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