ALOHA Training For ICE Culinary Management Students

Every ICECulinary Management class learns inventory and control, employee-performance standards, and productivity as part of their cost control unit.

During these lessons, they learn how to use technology to help their future businesses run smoothly. For example, last Friday, an expert came to demonstrate the ALOHA system to ICE’s Culinary Management class. Point of sale (POS) systems such as ALOHA are widely used in restaurants as a mean for servers to track orders and deliver food and bills.

The class was an opportunity for the students to walk through how to operate the touch-screen point-of-sale systems in their future businesses. The systems automate restaurant operations, measure performance and manage sales to better results and market to customers. An industry leader, ALOHA, is widely used in top restaurants across the country. ICE’s facility has three ALOHA terminals where students can learn how to operate the software. Over the next few weeks, they’ll keep reviewing the system and how they can use it when they own and operate their own businesses. It’s an incredible opportunity to understand the technology and systems used to effectively manage a successful business

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