Meat cones in a Madrid market.

The Best Thing ICE Chef-Instructors Ate This Summer

With COVID-19 seemingly behind us (friendly reminder: it isn’t), ICE faculty and staff took the summer season by storm, both dining out locally in New York City and Los Angeles, as well as dining out afar in various restaurants across the globe. 

Personally, I traveled to Europe, something I haven’t done since 2018, and while I ate well over the 10 days I was away, two of the most memorable meals were sampling several tapas in several markets in Madrid, as well as indulging in the tasting menu at La Dame de Pic in Paris. (Bucket list badge unlocked.)

As we are a culinary school and eat our fair share of meals, it can be difficult to pinpoint which dishes stand above the rest. 

Here are the best meals ICE Chef-Instructors ate this summer.

Sausage balls in Bangkok.

E-San Sausage

“I went home this summer and I was all about the street food. The most iconic street food of Bangkok has to be E-San sausage, sour pork sausage, [and] the best way to enjoy this is to have a little bit of everything you see on the plate in one big bite.” — Chayanin Pornsriniyom, Plant-Based Culinary Arts

Truffled Steak Tartare

“The best thing I ate was during my trip to Portugal — not just for the food, but the gorgeous Rocco restaurant. One dish that stood out was a truffled steak tartare.” — Hervé Malivert, Culinary Arts

A plate of lomo saltado in Lima, Peru.

Lomo Saltado

“During this summer I visited Lima, Peru, and went to one of my favorite spots: Taberna Isolina. Great place with a home-like ambiance where they serve homemade favorites, and I have to say their lomo saltado was to die for — definitely one of the best ones in the city. It is even better when washed down with a classic Pisco sour, very solid as well. This place is a must if you want a traditional, home-like food. It has its place in the Latin America’s 50 Best, well-earned.” — Ozmar Heredia, Culinary Arts

Baba Ganoush
Los Angeles

“I recently ate at The Diplomat Tavern in Monrovia. The baba ganoush was fantastic! Smoky and smooth — every bite you could taste a different ingredient. It was very memorable and I am already craving it again. It came served with some warm, soft pita, which was also very good. The falafel was also amazing, but I would definitely go back just for the baba ganoush!” — Stephen Chavez, Plant-Based Culinary Arts

Blue Prawn Tartare

"The best thing I ate this summer was the blue prawn tartare at Esme in Chicago. It has a sunflower custard, caviar and the most amazing prawn tartare wrapped in a Hoja Santa leaf. It’s basically one bite, but somehow it changes flavor as you eat it the way Chef Jenner Tomaska has layered the dish. It’s like an everlasting gobstopper of summer. — Shawn Matijevich, Culinary Arts & Food Operations

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