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Lessons 20-24: Soups & Sautéing

It’s hard to believe that we’re through the first of five modules in our culinary arts program, and an externship that once seemed infinitely far away is now creeping up on us. I spent last weekend

Lessons 15-19: Classic & Contemporary Sauces

We practiced making each of the three types of roux (pale, blond and brown), and for some of us that meant multiple attempts as we learned just how quickly butter could burn. And butter wasn’t the

Lessons 11-14: Meat Fabrication

We watched carefully as Chef Ted demonstrated each cut and technique on varying sections of beef, veal, pork, rabbit, and lamb. We began each lesson with a short lecture outlining the slaughtering

A Cut Above: Q&A with Chef Norman Weinstein

KS: You’ve been in the culinary field for almost three decades. What is it that originally drew you to knife skills in particular? NW: I guess you could say I was in the right place at the right time

Southern Foodways Roadtrip: Part II

Friday night began at the Powerhouse (an event space in an old power station) where cocktails and snacks were provided by The Inn at Blackberry Farm, in Walland, TN. I didn’t get a list of what was

Southern Foodways Roadtrip: Part I

I arrived in Memphis in time for dinner and of course wanted BBQ. Memphis has a number of notable BBQ choices such as Cozy Corner and Central BBQ, but they tend to be closed at night or a ways from

Lessons 6-10: Fabrication & Stocks

Both salads were dressed in a basic vinaigrette and then were presented to Chef Ted for approval. Knife drills have become a morning standard as we work to get more efficient and accurate at medium

Culinary Entrepreneur Series: Ted Baseler

During the talk, Baseler discussed how he lead Château Ste. Michelle wines into a multi-vineyard collection of award-winning wine estates with international partners. During his 25-year history with

A Turkish Feast with Chef Fehmi Samanci

The class highlighted flavors and tastes from traditional Turkish food and included such dishes as Fried Eggplant and Peppers, Octopus and Shrimp Salad, Lamb Stew with Prunes and Cucumbers with

Lesson 5: Medium Dice & Mirepoix

My classmates and I have begun to gel as a group, both out of choice and out of necessity as we quickly learned how crucial it will be to work effectively and efficiently together over these next six

Lesson 1: Mise en Place

Today was the start to my six-month experience in ICE’s Culinary Arts Program in New York City. Fourteen of my classmates and I arrived at Kitchen 601 in the early morning hours, tugging and tying as

Food Careers in Research & Development at ICE

Food Careers in Research & Development

Last week’s Career Services seminar was added proof that jobs requiring trained chefs do exist outside of restaurant kitchens. From development at leading food supply companies to product creation at

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