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Food festival judge badge and score card

What It’s Like to be a Judge at a Food Festival

Walking around Greenville, South Carolina’s Fall for Greenville festival with an official “judge” badge and clipboard, cutting the line as politely as possible to get a taste of each booth’s offering


Chef Frank’s Crown Roast of Lamb

One of the techniques that turns this dish into a show-stopper is Frenching the bone, or completely cleaning the excess fat from the ribs. “This is one of those dishes that has tons of ‘wow’ factor,”


How ICE’s Online Culinary School Works

After more than four decades teaching culinary education in two of the top gastronomic capitals in the United States, ICE has launched an online Culinary Arts & Food Operations program. And the reason

ICE alum Kristin Donnelly

Kristin Donnelly Dives into Food Media

When people ask Kristin Donnelly what she does for a living, she racks her brain to think of an all-encompassing answer. She works in food media, but that includes a lot. As a seasoned recipe tester


A Tale of 3 Trails: How to Choose Your Externship

A critical piece of the culinary education experience at ICE is the externship, where students gain hands-on experience working in a restaurant environment for at least a month. A trail (or stage) — a

ICE alum Stephen Lampshire

How to Become a Personal Chef

Kathleen Lewandowski (Culinary, ’07) started her career working in magazine publishing as an art director and could often be found styling food for photo shoots. Her colleagues consistently asked her

Chef Celine Beitchman making a plant-based meal

How to Get Your Essential Proteins

Proteins are macronutrients found in both plants and animals. These complex compounds are made up of small building blocks called amino acids. As protein molecules are too large to be absorbed, our

Marc Melvin

Marc Melvin Goes From Rao's to ICE

Marc has worked in hospitality for 15 years. He learned the ropes at some neighborhood spots and spent the last nine years working front-of-house at Rao’s, the venerated Italian restaurant with tables

Michael Kerner

An ICE Alum's Journey to Sous Chef at Michelin-Starred Kali

Dallas native Michael Kerner fell in love with food at a young age while cooking with his parents, especially his dad. Thinking it was more of a hobby, Michael studied real estate finance at Southern

Ingredients for dim sum

Deconstructing Dim Sum with Chef Alan Kang

Students at ICE's Los Angeles campus had the opportunity to participate in a four-hour dim sum workshop, the kick-off to our new extracurricular Deep Dive series, exploring ingredients, techniques and

Samuel Clonts

ICE Alum Samuel Clonts' New Take on Fine Dining

New to New York City at 19-years-old, Samuel Clonts enrolled in culinary school looking to break into the world of fine dining. He had kitchen experience from a Ritz-Carlton in Tucson, Arizona, and

The ICE fermentation lab

Nine Miso Substitutes That Pack a Salty, Umami Boost

Miso is acclaimed for its salty, umami, sweet and fermented notes that can transform a dish in an instant. In the event that you need to substitute out this Japanese cooking staple, try these

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