Alexandra Jamieson

NGI Alum Spotlight: Alexandra Jamieson

Alum Alexandra Jamieson is a functional nutrition coach, host of the #1 rated podcast "The Crave Cast," three-time cookbook author, and co-creator of the Oscar nominated documentary Super Size Me. This winter, she released her third book, Women, Food, and Desire. In this new book, Alex explores women’s cravings — for food, sleep, sex, movement, companionship, inspiration — and teaches them to listen to their bodies for a healthier, fuller life. With love, deep compassion and honesty, she calls upon all of us to boldly use food as a tool to cleanse ourselves of the nutritional, emotional, physical, and mental blocks that limit our ability to live full, meaningful, and joyful lives. Check out these recent features about our talented alum:

Way to go, Alex!


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