National Gluten-Free Day

A protein found in grains like wheat, barley, rye, and triticale, gluten helps give breads, cakes, and pastas their form and the texture we love. Gluten can also be found in a number of foods

New Concepts in Diet: The Old Traditions

The article below was written by Dr. Colbin for Free Spirit Magazine in the April-May 1998 issue. For more than 30 years I have been teaching that we should eat according to the wise traditions of our

Yam casserole

Vegetarian Sides for Your Thanksgiving Table

As with many of our holidays, Thanksgiving is about family and friends, and of course food. When we spend time with loved ones in an intimate setting, it reminds us of the importance of community

Pumpkin pie

The Science of Perfect Pie

Starting with the foundation of pie, here are some tips for ensuring success in making the best crust. For the crust: Colder is better: Keep your crust ingredients cold. Cold inhibits gluten

How Well Are You Feeding Your Body?

My friends knew how passionate I was about food and cooking, and I think they wondered why I took so long to recognize that a job in the food industry was my calling. I love every aspect of food: from

Pantry Top Five Recipe Edition: Rice Vinegar

Just swapping out a few ingredients in your pantry can make a positive impact on your health. Chef Elliott Prag has shared his top five pantry staples based on macrobiotics, an old Japanese tradition

Umeboshi paste

Umeboshi Paste

Highly alkaline, antibacterial, and effective in clearing lactic acid, umeboshi paste is known to support both digestion and immunity. It is commonly used for acid indigestion and reflux, bloating

Q&A with NGI Alum Gabrielle Kennedy

What led you to enroll in the Chef’s Training Program at NGI? I grew up in Cape Cod and was always very in touch with nature and inspired by what nature could provide. I got into cooking in my late-20

Meet Ankur Parikh, M.D.

Here's how Ankur hopes to converge his passion for culinary creation with his passion for medicine. Can you tell us a bit about your background? I was born and have spent most of my life in New York


Pantry Top Five Recipe Edition: Kuzu

Here are five ways to benefit from adding kuzu to your diet: Digestion: Kuzu is commonly used in macrobiotics for an upset stomach and acid indigestion, as it strengthens and soothes the intestinal

Baby Steps for Better Health: Using Herbs

At the Natural Gourmet Center at ICE, we use both fresh and dried herbs to add color and flavor to our savory and sweet recipes. We use delicate fresh ones, like parsley, mint, or cilantro, to top off


Pantry Top Five Recipe Edition: Miso

In Macrobiotic tradition, miso is considered cancer-fighting, blood cleansing, full of probiotics, and enzyme rich. It is an umami flavor bomb, and it makes a great substitute for cheesy, meaty flavor

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