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Tailgate Like a Pro with the Official Jets Cooking School

Football season has finally returned and you know what that means — tailgating time. To make each game day delicious, ICE and the New York Jets are teaming up for a new season of The Official Jets Cooking School. Learn how to tailgate like a pro alongside the pros — ICE chefs and pro players from the J-E-T-S (Jets, Jets, Jets!).

In anticipation of this year’s Jets Cooking School, we caught up with former Jets player Erik Coleman, who will be whipping up the ultimate wing bar with us at Wings and Beer Night on Thursday, October 12, 2017. Erik gave us the lowdown on his winning game day eats. Erik Coleman

Tell us about your go-to dish for game day.

For game day, I'm a barbecue wings and seven-layer dip kind of guy. I like anything that means you don't have to commit to sitting down at the table or getting out your silverware. You can just keep snacking as you pass by the food table.

Chicken wings: hot or barbecue?  

Definitely barbecue. I love the combination of sweet and salty, and when I eat spicy food, I start to sweat — which I like, too.

Your ‪backyard grill is fired up: what’s on it?

Chicken and ribs, definitely. My wife is Italian, so we usually have Italian sausages on the grill, along with some burgers for the kids.

Any special grilling techniques?

My best grilling technique is to sit back and watch the pros do it. My father and brother are the grillers in my family. I just sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

With all this food, you’re obviously thirsty – what’s your essential beverage?

I drink a ton of water throughout the day, but I do love a good scotch or bourbon with a cigar while watching the games on my back porch.

Music’s essential for tailgating: what’s your soundtrack?

I grew up listening to my parents play R&B while barbecuing, so I like a mix of that, plus some good dance music. 

Don’t miss out on this season of The Official Jets Cooking School — register today!

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