Ingredients are prepared for team building activities at ICE.

ICE Launches New Team Building Activities for Special Events

Incorporate a competitive element into your next hands-on cooking gathering.

We can’t all compete on “Chopped” or “Top Chef,” but everyone qualifies for ICE’s new menu of interactive challenges that put guests’ taste testing, chopstick dexterity and other entertaining food skills to the test.

Our Special Events division is known for cocktail receptions with beautiful views over the Hudson, seasonal menus with your favorite finger foods and crowd-pleasing courses, and hands-on cooking parties customized for any group, from corporate events to bridal showers. Lead Chef-Instructor Phil Hering is constantly developing dishes that are educational for home cooks and fun to make for group outings. But the latest offering showcases your expertise and makes for memorable events — with winners.

Guests at ICE's Special Events can participate in a variety of team building activities.

This year, groups can choose from five new team building enhancements to get the guests cooking before the actual cooking:

  • Chopstick Challenge
  • Herb Picker
  • Palate Contest
  • Food Trivia
  • Food Taboo

The games pit groups of five to nine people against each other to race, taste or quiz one another on chopstick use, de-stemming, flavor recognition, food knowledge or ingredient identification. The activities offer an opportunity to tack on 10 to 15 minutes of fun and healthy competition before making a meal to enjoy together.

"It’s no secret that team building has a positive outcome on company culture, and the most memorable activities are the most effective," says Director of Culinary Event Sales Gina Mignon. "Through ICE’s new engaging challenges, we seek to facilitate creativity, better communication and problem-solving skills, all in an environment where people will have fun doing it!"

Ready to test how well you can describe an ingredient without saying what it is? Or to challenge your palate with baby food flavors? Book your version of a food bowl, “Final Table” or “Food Network Challenge” today for a memorable and flavorful team bonding experience at ICE.

Customize your next event at ICE.

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