Eggsact Estimate Contest

Some of you may have caught ICE Chef Instructor Mike Schwartz on Inside Edition late last week. He gave some advice on egg safety, emphasizing that the easiest way to ensure your eggs are safe is to make sure they are fresh and stored properly.

In case you haven’t heard the news, up to 39,000 people may have been sickened from eggs contaminated with salmonella and half a billion eggs have been recalled. To put this in perspective, the total production of eggs is around a hundred billion. As we tried to wrap our head around those numbers, we watched Chef Mike reach into a fridge full of eggs and wondered just how many eggs go through the kitchens at ICE in a year?


They are used in everything from soufflés, cakes, omelets, sauces or sandwiches, as well being served poached, scrambled, fried, hard-boiled or any other of the plethora of ways to prepare an egg. It boggles the mind to think about all the different uses for eggs. Just imagine how many different ways eggs are used here at ICE in a single day. To satiate our curiosity, we calculated how many eggs ICE uses in a year.

For a little fun, we thought we would ask and see if you could guess how many eggs are used at ICE in a year? The closest correct guess without going over will win a gift certificate for a recreational class at ICE worth $100. To enter, simply include your egg estimate when you retweet this post. For example, “65,000 eggs RT @iceculinary How many eggs does ICE go through every year? Guess right for a gift certificate! ” Be sure to include “@iceculinary” so we can see your guesses. We’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, September 7. Get cracking!

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