Patriot's Pie

How to Make Patriot’s Pie

"The Fourth of July is a symbol of American pride, and no dessert is more American than a classic pie," Maddie says. "Buttermilk pie was adapted by settlers in the South because they had an abundance

Strawberry shortcake bites are served on platters.

Chef Tracy's Single-Bite Strawberry Shortcake

One of my favorite things about summertime in New York City is the Union Square Greenmarket. When I worked at abc kitchen, we got all of our summer berries from Berried Treasures Farm, which has a

Pantry Top Five Recipe Edition: Rice Vinegar

Just swapping out a few ingredients in your pantry can make a positive impact on your health. Chef Elliott Prag has shared his top five pantry staples based on macrobiotics, an old Japanese tradition

Herve Malivert and ICE students sort through vegetables

Five Ways to Enjoy a Tasty & Healthy End to Summer

1. Wander through a farmer’s market. We do a lot of our shopping at the Union Square Greenmarket to take advantage of the freshest and tastiest produce in town. Spend time speaking with the farmers


Pantry Top Five Recipe Edition: Kuzu

Here are five ways to benefit from adding kuzu to your diet: Digestion: Kuzu is commonly used in macrobiotics for an upset stomach and acid indigestion, as it strengthens and soothes the intestinal

Baby Steps for Better Health: Using Herbs

At the Natural Gourmet Center at ICE, we use both fresh and dried herbs to add color and flavor to our savory and sweet recipes. We use delicate fresh ones, like parsley, mint, or cilantro, to top off


Pantry Top Five Recipe Edition: Miso

In Macrobiotic tradition, miso is considered cancer-fighting, blood cleansing, full of probiotics, and enzyme rich. It is an umami flavor bomb, and it makes a great substitute for cheesy, meaty flavor

Asian buckwheat noodle salad

Thinking About Convenience

A breakfast sandwich from the street cart, a lunch slice from your neighborhood pizza joint, and a drive through meal on the way home. It’s cheap, readily available, and so convenient. The results are


Pantry Top Five Recipe Edition: Gomasio

What do I stock my pantry with when trying to live a healthy lifestyle? This is a common question that we often ask ourselves. Recently, I shared five pantry staples that are rooted in Japanese

Recipe: Smoked Rainbow Carrot Napoleon

NGI was thrilled to participate in the James Beard Foundation's 7th Annual Leadership Awards earlier this week. These awards are given to leaders in the food industry who have demonstrated the

rooftop garden

Earth Day Recipe: Wild and Wholegrain Vegetable-Rice Pancakes

Chef Instructor Jay Weinstein created a vegetable-rice pancake that he demoed at NGI's booth for this special occasion. This dish is great for using leftover or uneaten vegetables to help prevent food

NGI Alum Jessica Monty

Five Tips for Becoming a Successful Health Coach

Answering the question, “What foods do I need to feel great?” became a lifelong mission. In that respect, the correlation between food and fuel is a life skill I continue to explore. The quest to

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