Miso cream rigatoni pasta

Miso Sauce for Winter Pasta

When you’re craving warmth and comfort as the weather turns brisk, this rich and creamy pasta is bound to satisfy. Umami means “pleasant savory taste” and is often referred to as the fifth taste

sole veronique with compressed grapes

Sous Vide Sole Veronique

The dish made famous at the London Carlton Hotel in 1898 paired poached Dover sole with tart muscat grapes and fresh tarragon. I've applied modern culinary techniques to the same ingredients

Beef pho

Chef King's Beef and Vegan Pho

On the latest episode of Epicurious' YouTube series, Pro Chef vs. Home Chef, Chef King is challenged with a novice cook's vegan ingredient list. He roasts vegetables to fortify a flavorful vegetarian

Chef Akhtar Nawab

Chef Akhtar Nawab's Gluten-Free Roti

Both chefs and diners have dramatically shifted the way they approach food over the last 15 years, and Chef Akhtar's desires happen to meet these demands. Since his days at Craftbar, he has married

Pomegranate Poached Pear

Healthy Thanksgiving Sides and Sweets

I don’t believe that there are bad foods and tend to focus more on an everything-in-moderation approach, but holiday meals can easily become excessive and leave you feeling overstuffed and tired. So

yam molasses

Winter Vegetable Recipes

Each winter we get to play with the full bounty of root vegetables, and after months of cooking at home, we encourage experimenting. I use the usual suspects we expect on the dinner table, sweet

Election Day Cake

Election Day Cake

In honor of the 2020 Election Day, food historian Stephen Schmidt shares a traditional election cake recipe adapted from Lydia Maria Child in the 1833 edition of "The American Frugal Housewife," and

Halloween fudge balls

Halloween Treats for Kids to Make

The fudge balls are inspired by Brazilian brigadeiros, a traditional dessert and version of truffles. They are rolled in sprinkles, chopped nuts and coconut, and Chef Tracy put her spooky spin on them

Slice and bake pumpkin cookies

Halloween Cookies Recipe

Making these from scratch adds a hands-on activity for the family and ensures you know exactly what you're eating. Plus, you can be creative and customize the design to your liking. Simply follow Chef

Chef Vineet Bhatia on YouTube Live with @iceculinary

Chef Vineet Bhatia's Seafood Upma

Seafood is not something that instantly springs into one's mind when the conversation is about Indian cuisine. In fact, I often find that the seafood is overcooked or lost in a stodgy, heavy masal

coffee cake

3 Easy Breads for your Thanksgiving Table

As Chef Jürgen was developing these Thanksgiving bread recipes, he thought about ingredients that he incorporates around his holiday table. Years ago, he told one of his family members that he wanted

Chef Jacques Pepin demonstrates egg dishes

Jacques Pepin's Secrets to Eggs

1. Crack your eggs on a flat surface. The simplest part of an egg dish is cracking the shell, but I bet you’re probably guilty of cracking it on the edge of a counter or bowl, right? Well, don’t. You

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