milk-fed lamb dish

Chef Arnaud Bignon's Spring Lamb Recipe

Chef Arnaud joined us on YouTube Live to stream a virtual demonstration for students and alumni. Watch the recording here and get the complete recipe below. {"preview_thumbnail":"/sites/default/files

meatloaf wellington

Chef Chris Scott's Meatloaf Wellington

Follow Chef Chris' recipe below for a crispy, flaky, juicy wellington, and get his pro trick for preventing the dough from cracking or collapsing in the video. {"preview_thumbnail":"/sites/default

Michael Laiskonis' Mont Blanc Dessert

A Modern Mont Blanc

Named for its resemblance to the famed snow-capped peak straddling the border of France and Italy in the Alps, the dessert likely has its origins in the latter, but it has been embraced as a staple of

dark chocolate nut butter cups

Healthy-ish Valentine's Day Treats

We’re already into February, which means Valentine’s Day is coming! For many of us, this brings sweet treats and sugary snacks. Chocolate has long been associated with love, so we shouldn’t completely

crab chowder

Chef Frank's Crab Chowder

Chef Frank sources live crab, starchy potatoes, jumbo lump crab meat for body and texture, and big, thick chunks of bacon called lardon for his crab chowder. He purees half of his soup for thickening

Chef Palak Patel's dosa

Chef Palak's Dosa Recipe

Dosa is a beautiful, paper-thin rice crepe made with a fermented batter. Chef Palak stuffs her authentic version with potatoes, masala, green coconut chutney, freshly grated coconut and more, serving

lumpia spring rolls

Chef King's Lumpia Recipe

Chef King combines lobster, tender blue crab meat, ground pork and shrimp for his filling ("an explosion in the mouth") and double fries his lumpia wrappers. Then his sweet and spicy sauce cuts

Pancit canton noodles

Pancit Canton Noodles

Noodles, noodles, noodles! Who doesn’t love noodles? Noodles, or pancit, have been a staple of Filipino cuisine for hundreds of years. Introduced by Chinese traders, pancit has moved around the

Miso cream rigatoni pasta

Miso Sauce for Winter Pasta

When you’re craving warmth and comfort as the weather turns brisk, this rich and creamy pasta is bound to satisfy. Umami means “pleasant savory taste” and is often referred to as the fifth taste

sole veronique with compressed grapes

Sous Vide Sole Veronique

The dish made famous at the London Carlton Hotel in 1898 paired poached Dover sole with tart muscat grapes and fresh tarragon. I've applied modern culinary techniques to the same ingredients

Beef pho

Chef King's Beef and Vegan Pho

On the latest episode of Epicurious' YouTube series, Pro Chef vs. Home Chef, Chef King is challenged with a novice cook's vegan ingredient list. He roasts vegetables to fortify a flavorful vegetarian

Chef Akhtar Nawab

Chef Akhtar Nawab's Gluten-Free Roti

Both chefs and diners have dramatically shifted the way they approach food over the last 15 years, and Chef Akhtar's desires happen to meet these demands. Since his days at Craftbar, he has married

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