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The Complexity of Simple Cooking

The best way to describe this style of cooking is an effort to deconstruct classic and modern French cuisine, utilizing the principles of Spanish regional cuisine along with techniques and ingredients

A chef pours salt into a steaming pot.

Salt: The Great Transformer

The process is simply applying a dry rub, cure or brine in which the main component is salt (kosher or sea salt) with the possible addition of other aromatics like black pepper, garlic, fresh or dried

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This Chef Defies the Myth that Modern French Cuisine Is Dead

Chef Alléno’s work makes an important contribution to modern French cooking. I recently came upon two of Chef Alléno’s books: the encyclopedic Ma Cuisine Française, and his smaller, ground-breaking

just washed cranberries to use for thanksgiving

Two Ideas for Finger-Licking Turkey This Thanksgiving

Below, Chef Ted shares two different methods for preparing your turkey when it’s time to give thanks this year, plus his expert roasting tips. A Caribbean kick: try a Jamaican jerk turkey marinade

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A Chef’s Tour: Montreal

We arrived, exhausted, late on a Sunday night at a time when most restaurants are closed. We knew that we could rely on one excellent spot to be open, so we made the fifteen minute walk from our hotel

california farm to table dish made from chez panisse cookbook

Books That Matter: California Cuisine

Those books — most importantly, "Cooking the Nouvelle Cuisine in America" and the "Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook" — reshaped the culinary landscape and have since paved the way for such famous chefs as

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The French Revolution — A Cuisine for the People

Yet there seemed to be a significant shift somewhere around 2003, when the New York Times ran a front-page story in its Sunday Magazine declaring — once and for all — the death of French cuisine. The


A Chef's Guide to Rome

This might be a slight overgeneralization; there are a handful of Roman restaurants doing “modernist cuisine-molecular gastronomic” spins on traditional Roman cooking. However, most Romans find the

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