Chocolate cupcake

Cupcake Class: Studying with the Robicellis

While the question of who I look up to changes and expands as I learn, one person who has held my attention as an incredible role model is Alison Robicelli. I look to her and her husband Matt as

David Bouley working in the kitchen

Meet the Culinary Entrepreneurs: Chef David Bouley

Most recently, my class was lucky enough to visit Chef David Bouley's whimsical TriBeCa restaurant, Bouley Botanical. Filled with window gardens, a gleaming kitchen, film equipment and every type of

Ice cream

CAPS Pastry: Ice Cream Innovations with Sam Mason of OddFellows

While I had never been to OddFellows itself, I had been following them on Facebook for months, lusting after posts featuring Mason's latest edible creation. In short, I knew the CAPS class would be

culinary management class

Practical Skills for Success

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of work to be done, however. As a class, we just finished taking our ServSafe certification test and are awaiting our results. Here in New York City, the NYC

cake made by pastry students for their graduation

Celebrating at Our Senior Reception

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my fair share of graduations (grade school, high school, college), but this accomplishment feels like it came out of nowhere! In many ways, it did; we started in July, and

chocolate tempering

Chocoholics Anonymous

I have always been a stalwart fan of See’s Candies (a chain in California that makes delicious old fashioned chocolates), but more recently, I've been inspired by the modern candy-makers of Brooklyn's

waiter in a restaurant

Passion and Practicality

By contrast, my thoughts on the first day of my Pastry & Baking Arts class were something along the lines of: "Yay! Finally!" But today, a month into management, I've learned to accepted this contrast

finishing cookies with chocolate ganache

Life as a Pastry Student: Trailing

A trail is a combination of a job interview and a trial work shift. Basically, it’s an interview that can last anywhere from 6 to 10 hours. This is how every person cooking in a kitchen gets a job

freshly baked croissants

Life as a Pastry Student: Laminated Dough

I've always loved croissants, but never imagined that I could make them. I don’t know if I ever pictured anyone baking them, except maybe some mystical French elves. It just never occurred to me that

pastry student liz castner holding a cake

Introducing Liz Castner

Okay, she didn't say "foodness." Foodness is my word, meaning when food tastes like the best version of itself. Julia also talks about this phenomenon when she discusses a good roast chicken, gushing

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