Georgia peaches

Why You Should Eat Georgia Peaches

A little history: The peach tree is native to Northwest China and believed to have been cultivated since 2000 B.C. From China, the peach trees traveled to far-flung countries like India, Persia and

Chef Palak Patel at Dash & Chutney

The Case for Considering a Food Hall Concept

In March of 2020, lots of things changed for me in a drastic way, including my first restaurant concept planned for Hudson Yards. Like many, I was in the midst of business as usual in New York and

three types of flour

Four More Flour Alternatives

Gluten-free flours and nut flours for cooking and baking have been on the rise because of versatility, health benefits and viable options for people with celiac disease or other dietary restrictions


All About Mushrooms

I recently spent time with Eric Wallace, owner of Vital Fungi, an urban mushroom farm in Columbia, South Carolina. There he cultivates exotic varieties of mushrooms like Pink Oyster, Black Pearl King

Chef Palak Patel's dosa

Chef Palak's Dosa Recipe

Dosa is a beautiful, paper-thin rice crepe made with a fermented batter. Chef Palak stuffs her authentic version with potatoes, masala, green coconut chutney, freshly grated coconut and more, serving

beef vindaloo curry

The History of Curry

The word curry always mystified me as an Indian, partially because I never made or ate curry growing up. It wasn’t until I got to college and studied the history between Britain and India that seeing

Salt-crusted grilled porgy

How to Grill Salt-Crusted Fish

Chef Palak demonstrates how to clean a whole fish, salt the inside of the cavity and pack the porgy in a salt oven before cooking on a grill. She pickles red onions for color, grills corn for

Vegetable Biryani with Basmati Rice

The Ritual of Cooking Rice

When I started researching where rice originated it led me to two popular beliefs from archaeologists and historians. Some say that rice was first domesticated in China almost 15,000 years ago in the

fish and chips

How to Make Fish and Chips

Watch her techniques in the video and get the complete recipe below.

South Indian Fried Chicken

Chef Palak's South Indian Fried Chicken

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Institute of CulinaryEducation (@iceculinary) on May 14, 2020 at 11:01am PDT

Vegan Frittata

Chef Palak's Vegan Frittata

To celebrate Earth Day, I made a vegan version of my absolute favorite dish that I loved while traveling around Spain: a Spanish frittata with chickpea flour, loaded with vegetables and Indian spices

Dhokla: Fermented Savory Rice Cake

Dhokla: Fermented Savory Rice Cake

She recommends rice that's thicker than basmati for this technique and Eno rather than baking soda for the cake batter, which is fermented overnight and then prepared in a steamer. Her chutney topping

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