Heritage Tomato, Sungold Tomato Broth, Lemon Balm and Cottage Cheese

A Summer Sungold Tomato Dish

Tomatoes can and should be one of the most amazing ingredients we have to work with. The plant's complex flavor and impressive variety are often overlooked when generic, uniformly tasteless varieties

fish batters 4 and 5

In Search of the Perfect Fish and Chips Batter

Growing up in England, it was common for me to eat fish and chips regularly. A Friday night at the “chippie,” as we would call it, meant standing in line at the local fish bar, experiencing a sensory

Short ribs

Sous Vide Grilled Short Ribs

Eating and socializing go hand-in-hand. With each social setting, the food we eat must reflect the circumstance. When our attention is focused on a celebration, a business occasion or a big game, the

coopered barrels

The Art of the Cooper

For hundreds of years, the human population has relied upon the talented hands of craftsmen to help shape the world in which we live today. When humans began exploring the globe, trade, war and

sole veronique with compressed grapes

Sous Vide Sole Veronique

The dish made famous at the London Carlton Hotel in 1898 paired poached Dover sole with tart muscat grapes and fresh tarragon. I've applied modern culinary techniques to the same ingredients

Braised Beef Cheek, Pear and Saffron Puree, Glazed Parsnips, Parsnip Chips

Braised Beef Cheeks

There is an exchange of flavor between the item and its cooking vehicle (liquid), and often the liquid is strained and used to make an accompanying sauce or broth. Braised items tend to be rich in


How to Make Vinegar

The first recorded wine vessel was found in modern-day Iran around 5,000 B.C. Mass consumption of wine and beer is evident in ancient civilizations surrounding the Middle East and the Nile Valley

Breville smoking gun

Father's Day Gift Guide for Cooks

Microplane Classic Short Zester The perfect tool for any serious cook, this microplane can be used to grate hard cheeses and even nutmeg or zest citrus fruits. It's easy to use for small-scale cooking


Farm-to-Table Cooking with Bison

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to visit a farm called Creamery Brook Bison in Brooklyn, a quiet agricultural town in Northeastern Connecticut. Austin and Deborah Tanner have owned and

Potatoes in a burlap sack

The Potato's Profound Impact and Potential

We tend to take potatoes for granted. The staple is a “simple," readily available, easily grown tuber that has been a part Western culture for at least 400 years. The potato was cultivated by the Inca

Agnolotti pasta at ICE

Four Pasta Shapes to Practice

Rolling out pasta shapes with fresh dough can be therapeutic, fun and enjoyable with family and friends and only requires eggs and flour. There are many ways to make each pasta shape, differing

David Zilber

David Zilber Divulges what it's like to Direct the Noma Fermentation Lab

"We're basically a team of four or five people that are left to our devices to just innovate in this one field and deal with other special projects that come our way and, of course, write books and do

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