pommes aligot

How to Make the Super Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

Culinary Arts Lead Chef-Instructor Cyril Kabaoglu learned this pommes aligot recipe while working in the French Alps. “That was a very popular dish. We would make it about 40 times per service. So I


Chinese Steamed Whole Fish Recipe for Lunar New Year

“Lunar New Year is about bringing family together, celebrating life, prosperity, good health and good wealth,” Culinary Arts Chef-Instructor Alan Kang says. “Usually, most of the food has some kind of

citrus-soy marinated flank steak paired with a parsnip purée and a classic red wine pan sauce

Beat The Chef: ICE Student and Chef-Instructor Battle in the Kitchen

In the demo kitchen of ICE’s New York campus, Lead Chef and Operations Manager Joshua Resnick and Culinary Arts student Parker Elliott were tasked with creating a unique entrée of their choice from a

Katie Flannery at ICE LA

Flannery Beef Explains Why You Should Dry Age Steaks

Butchery runs through the Flannery bloodline. Third-generation butcher, Katie Flannery, has continued the family legacy and is considered by her peers to be a “rare breed” in the industry. “My

Great White chef Betsy Wiegand

ICE Alum Dives Into Head Chef Position at Great White

Betsy didn’t know she wanted to become a chef at first; however, a series of life experiences led her on a journey into the kitchen, where she feels herself and most at home. Coming from a family that

Michael Kerner

An ICE Alum's Journey to Sous Chef at Michelin-Starred Kali

Dallas native Michael Kerner fell in love with food at a young age while cooking with his parents, especially his dad. Thinking it was more of a hobby, Michael studied real estate finance at Southern

Sam Guber

ICE Alum Becomes Sous Chef at Jon & Vinny’s

Sam loved cooking from a young age. A native Angeleno and an explorer of all cuisines, he describes that some of his favorite childhood memories took place around his family’s dinner table. With an

Tanya Pustelnik

ICE Alum Divides Her Time Between Two of Orange County’s Hottest Restaurants

Tanya thrives off of a busy schedule. Leaving behind a demanding corporate job as a manager to pursue a lifelong passion by attending culinary school, Tanya has proven that she can excel at anything

Genna Gold making paella

ICE Alum Pivots Paella Experience to Private Catering

Although Genna has found her true calling in the culinary industry, she admits it didn’t come to her immediately. "Right after high school, I went to art school in San Francisco, and I quickly learned

Chef Mary Sue Milliken photo by Anne Fishbein

Female Restaurateurs Form RE:Her to Empower Women Entrepreneurs in LA

Because of the pandemic's impact, restaurant owners had to reconsider their business models and strategies, adapting to fit the new demands and restrictions in place. Some transformed dine-in

Chef Kenna Copes

ICE Alum Works with Immigrant Chefs at Flavors from Afar

From a young age, Kenna knew that she wanted to pursue a career in culinary arts; however, she never imagined that her experiences would lead her to where she is today. Kenna had the realization she

a bowl of chapulines

The History of Chapulines

When it comes to chapulines—Mexican fried grasshoppers—the expression “don’t knock it ‘til you try it” couldn’t be more relevant. The grasshoppers are commonly eaten in Mexico and other parts of

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