buck used to make venison chili

A Hearty Chili for a Hunter’s New Year

At a time when most people are just starting to think about the holiday season, my favorite holiday has already long past: October 1 st, opening day of the New York State Archery whitetail deer season

A Sugar Showpiece for the Super Bowl

A Sugar Showpiece for the Super Bowl

After discussing the theme and the feel of the event with my colleagues at ICE, it was time for me to begin the well-rehearsed design process. This starts with a simple sketch of the piece. In this

cranberry pistachio shortbread cookies

Holiday Recipe: Cranberry Pistachio Shortbread

I loved when my mother would start her holiday baking in preparation for the neighborhood cookie exchange. My German neighbors made the most amazingly buttery spritz cookies, as well as the best

New York Jets Grilling Boot Camp

When the moon and stars align to combine the two loves of your life—cooking and football—you know everything is ok in the world. This past Saturday, Chef James Briscione and I had the honor of

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