John and Sukey Jamison raise sheep at Jamison Farm.

Pro Chefs Love This Pennsylvania Lamb Purveyor

We met almost 30 years ago when I was the sous chef at Gotham Bar and Grill, where we used their lamb, and I love speaking with them. They tell great stories because they really love what they do and

Green crabs

Can Cooking Combat Invasive Species?

The problem was warmer temperatures ( climate change, anyone?), which allow the growth of a toxic algae and an abundance of green crabs. Algae aside, I am no marine biologist, and I was already

Edible flowers in the hydroponic farm at the Institute of Culinary Education.

How to Serve Four Edible Flowers and Herbs

When I started at ICE, one of my first tasks was to help create curriculum that provides students with more opportunities to interact with the farm. Now they are planting, harvesting and learning more

Chef Bill Telepan serves fluke ceviche at Oceana.

How to Make Ceviche with Fish Scraps

I recently hosted a demonstration at an ICE First Friday in which I taught the class how to make ceviche. Now, you don’t need to use trim to do it. Ceviche can definitely warrant buying top quality

Bill Telepan’s Salmon with Balsamic-Glazed Endive

Bill Telepan’s Salmon with Balsamic-Glazed Endive

Endive is underused but really delicious when braised. I thought the balance of the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena would be a perfect way to help soften the bitterness of the vegetable. Also, creating a

Lobster bolognese at Oceana

Bill Telepan’s Zero-Waste Lobster Bolognese

There is one dish that I have been using for years that I didn’t realize was re-using potential waste: my lobster Bolognese. This is a very popular dish I served at my previous restaurant, Telepan

Tomatoes are offered at the Greenmarket at Oculus Plaza.

The Benefits of Market Visits

This all started when I worked with the legendary chef Alain Chapel in a small town outside of Lyon, France. Chef Chapel would personally cart the ingredients we used in his kitchen from the markets

fresh vegetables displayed at greenmarket

Eliminating Waste and Hunger Through Education

As chefs, we don’t always realize the hardship of not having access to food, let alone the ability to source fresh ingredients. You'd be surprised to learn how many urban and rural areas don’t have

chef bill telepan in ICE hydroponic garden

Learning to Love Leftovers

This project made me think about my creative process, and the need to adjust last minute when creating a meal. Two examples come to mind. Recently, I helped Rick Moonen, a Las Vegas-based chef (and

chef evan hanczor preparing pasta

What Chefs Can Learn From Farming Themselves

Bill and Evan chat about the conundrum of what comes first: the produce or the menu, as well as the potential edge that agricultural knowledge affords up-and-coming chefs. Bill: When did you first

Chefs Tom Adams and April Bloomfield

How Chef April Bloomfield Got Growing — On Her Own Farm

Don’t let the name mislead you — Coombeshead is more ecosystem than farm, or more precisely, a farm, guesthouse, restaurant and bakery that runs largely off the fat of the land, and animals raised on

tomato growing in hydroponic garden at institute of culinary education

Why Hydroponic Farming Belongs in the Classroom

Providing nutritious food is important to me; not just for me personally, but also with respect to a program I work with called Wellness in the Schools, an organization dedicated to exposing school

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