watermelons Photo by Tanalee Youngblood on Unsplash

Three Delicious Ways to Watermelon — All Summer Long

Nearly 30 years later, I still remember digging a small hole in the sandy lot behind our house in Florida and carefully placing the seeds I had saved from a watermelon that my mom brought home from

ingredients to make homemade gin without a still

The Best Kitchen Gadget for DIY Gin

This latest addition may look more suited to a research lab than a kitchen, but its ability to help ICE chefs and students innovate with food (and flavor experimentation) is exactly why it belongs

preparing a sandwich with sous vide steak

The Best Kitchen Gadgets for Your Favorite Foodie This Holiday Season

For the foodie who has (almost) everything: Sous vide Sous vide has long been a favorite technique of top chefs across the globe. Sous vide helps chefs prepare Michelin-quality meals night after night

Sous vide turkey for thanksgiving dinner

Forget Roasting — How to Make the Juiciest. Turkey. Ever.

I blame Norman Rockwell. Ever since he painted that famed portrait of an American family gazing lovingly at Mom as she places that large, bronzed bird on the table, the whole, roasted turkey has been

sous vide steak sandwich

The Ultimate Make-Ahead Tailgate Sandwich

Sous vide equipment used to carry a price tag (around $1,000) that put it out of reach for most cooks. Today, the average home cook (or professional for that matter!) could be expertly equipped for

gulf coast bacon shrimp and rice

An Irresistible Bacon-y Shrimp and Rice Recipe from the Gulf Coast

As Director of Culinary Research here at ICE, I find myself spending more time in these roles than I do behind the stove. Not that I’m complaining — it’s this part of the job that has taken me around

Chef James Briscione preparing grilled ribs

How to Make the Best Grilled Ribs. Period.

But before your ribs hit the oven, they need a little bit of prep. First, remove the membrane from the bone side of the ribs. This tough sheet of connective tissue can not only leave your ribs chewy

watercress stems with mustard seeds at DOM restaurant in south america

Chef James Briscione Visited One of the Best Restaurants in South America

If you’re a fan of the Netflix series Chef’s Table, (if you’re reading this blog, I assume you must be) then you already know about restaurant D.O.M. You also know its chef Alex Atala — the bearded

Brazilian Seafood Stew Moqueca

In Season: Brazilian Seafood Stew ‘Moqueca’

Here’s one of Chef James’ favorite recipes from his Brazilian culinary exploration: UXUA moqueca — a rich, delicate seafood stew, with white fish, shrimp and creamy coconut milk. Balanced and

moqueca is an authentic Brazilian dish

Brazilian Flavor: Chef James Finds Culinary Inspiration in Bahia

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Brazil with my wife, Brooke, and our two kids. We spent two weeks immersed in the food and culture of Bahia, a state in northeast Brazil on the Atlantic

chef demonstrating different kitchen gadgets such as a sous vide

Five Essential Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life (Modern Cuisine Edition)

Though stores and online catalogs are filled with hundreds of “must-have” kitchen gadgets, only some of them are actually worth it — others not so much. To help you cut through the clutter and find

chef preparing steak for sous vide peppercorn crusted flank steak

Sous Vide: From Top Kitchens to Tailgates

Sous vide equipment used to carry a price tag (around $1,000) that put it out of reach for most cooks. Today, the average home cook (or professional for that matter!) could be expertly equipped for

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