infra red cooking charred cabbage

Infrared Cooking 101

What is infrared technology? In short, the technology behind infrared cooking is the use of infrared radiation (IR), also referred to as infrared light: a type of electromagnetic radiation (or energy


Why Hot Lettuce Should Be in Your Weeknight Routine

As someone who isn’t particularly fond of salads, the first few pages of Google yielded very few recipes that sparked my interest. Sure, I could make a half dozen versions of salad dressing, but I

Bitter ingredients

Why Your Food Needs Bitterness

Why is bitter an important part of flavor? To start, our taste buds are extremely attuned to the taste of bitterness, especially at the backs of our mouths. Scientists theorize this evolved as a “last


A Sound Way to Organize Your Spices

My method for the last few years has been through notes (hence the punny title of this post, heh heh). Specifically, tasting them and mentally shuffling spices into top, middle or base notes. Much

Hands fill out financial paperwork

Financial Planning for Small Businesses During COVID-19

Can I apply to both the EIDL and the PPP? Yes, you can apply to the EIDL and the PPP, but the funds cannot be used for the same purposes. If you receive the up to $10,000 grant as part of your EIDL

personal finance paperwork and calculator

Personal Finances in the Time of COVID-19

Especially in light of the (very confusing) recent stimulus bill, I’ve also been reading up on if I can apply for loans as someone who works as an independent contractor. Here, I’ve put together a few

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