Halloween fudge balls

Halloween Treats for Kids to Make

The fudge balls are inspired by Brazilian brigadeiros, a traditional dessert and version of truffles. They are rolled in sprinkles, chopped nuts and coconut, and Chef Tracy put her spooky spin on them

French bread boule

How to Make a Rustic Boule

Homemade bread typically only has flour, water, salt and yeast, and I love knowing exactly what is in my baked goods. If you can’t find yeast, try working on a sourdough starter! Once the smell of

Easter bread with eggs

Braided Easter Bread

See more braided bread.

Matzo bark

Toffee and Chocolate-Covered Matzo

Matzo is essentially a cracker that can be ground into matzo meal or used to replace your bread (or other carbs) during the holiday. Usually, Passover desserts include flourless chocolate cake and

Snickerdoodle cookies

Bake it Forward with Snickerdoodles

There has never been a better time to work as a community. We have all seen the power of action in our neighborhoods, while social distancing has led to isolation. I have always loved to bake for

Lemon Meringue Pie Doughnuts

Lemon Meringue Pie Doughnuts

Chef Tracy fills her doughnuts with lemon curd and tops the treats with toasted meringue. "Toasting gives flavor and dimension," she explains. A food scientist explains that fresh yeast, also referred

Chef Tracy's Five-Spice Carrot Cake

Chef Tracy's Five-Spice Carrot Cake

She advises freshly shred carrots for moisture, weighing out each layer so the cake is level throughout and ultimately letting the frosting harden in a fridge so the cake is easy to slice. Chef Tracy

Homemade peanut butter cups

DIY Peanut Butter Cups

Get in the spirit of the season with this chocolate recipe, perfect for a family-friendly weekend activity or Halloween party dessert. Chef Tracy makes hers a little more mystical by brushing gold

Croissant Cinnamon Rolls

Croissant Cinnamon Rolls with Homemade Filling

Chef Tracy steps her roll recipe up with croissant dough, a sweet filling incorporating maple and bourbon, and mascarpone: the Italian cream cheese that is sweeter and creamier than traditional

Belgian Yeast Raised Waffle with Speculoos and Toffee Sauce

This Belgian Waffle Recipe Incorporates Cookies

"I've been making this yeast-raised dough recipe for a very long time: It's going to be super fluffy and light on the inside and caramelized and crunchy on the outside," Chef Tracy says. "This is

Strawberry shortcake bites are served on platters.

Chef Tracy's Single-Bite Strawberry Shortcake

One of my favorite things about summertime in New York City is the Union Square Greenmarket. When I worked at abc kitchen, we got all of our summer berries from Berried Treasures Farm, which has a

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