lemon-yuja cake

ICE Alum Joy Cho Connects with Korean Culture through Food

The recent disturbing uptick in violence and hate against Asians and Asian Americans has prompted not only rightful indignance from our community but also a deeper examination into questions of our

gem cakes

Behind the Product Development Process

I was grateful to have my former chef-instructor from ICE's Pastry & Baking Arts program, Penny Stankiewicz, share some wisdom about the process. “With recipe testing, the first thing I do is research

rice cakes in a Korean dish photo by Grace Lee

Rice Cakes in Korean Cuisine

Regardless of the date the New Year is celebrated, dduk-guk remains a traditional and comforting dish that Koreans around the world enjoy with loved ones. The rice cake soup is made with a base of

Miso cream rigatoni pasta

Miso Sauce for Winter Pasta

When you’re craving warmth and comfort when the weather is brisk, this rich and creamy pasta is bound to satisfy. Umami means “pleasant savory taste” and is often referred to as the fifth taste

Joy Cho's plated dessert

Operating a Pop-Up in NYC from Planning to Execution

When I cold-emailed the owner of a New York City bar back in March asking about a potential pop-up opportunity, I never thought that six months later, I would be operating out of the space a few times

perilla leaves

Cooking with Perilla Leaves

The fragrant, slightly acerbic nature of perilla leaves is an acquired taste even for some Koreans – it took me years to come around to its one-of-a-kind aroma and essence. So what do perilla leaves

Chilled Soba with Gochujang Dressing

Chilled Soba with Gochujang Dressing

In Korean, we call this combination of flavors mehcom-dalcom-sehcom. Many Korean dishes naturally combine two or more of these taste elements: Think of the spicy-sweet sauce in ddukbokki (spicy stir

Rolled kimbap

Kimbap: Colorful Korean Rolls Fit for a Picnic

Growing up in a Korean household, there were good meals and really good meals. And then there were the meals that sparked a specific kind of joy because it felt special even though it was just another

Joy Cho Pastry Baker's Box

How to Start a Home Bakery

Up until three months ago, I was working the evening pastry service at my dream restaurant, Gramercy Tavern. The schedule and nature of the work were grueling at times (especially transitioning from

Sourdough misugaru buns

Meet Multigrain Powder Misugaru

There is another Asian ingredient, though, with comparably distinctive and delicious taste, health benefits, and potential for wide application in the food world. Often overlooked, it sits in your

Pastry & Baking Arts student Joy Cho continues her career change litmus test at ICE's New York campus.

Second Time’s the Charm: Reflecting on My First ICE Practical

What would it look like for 16 nervous pastry students to run around one kitchen frantically making our assigned items? What if luck wasn’t on my side on test day and the end result was less than

Joy Cho studies Pastry & Baking Arts at ICE.

An Unpredictable Path with a Predictive Craft

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a planner. Whether it’s a packing list, a restaurant short list in a new city or simply a weekend full of carefully curated commitments, I’ve always valued

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