british chocolate biscuits with white chocolate

Chocolate Biscuits You’ll Actually Love

Love Actually explores more than a dozen intertwined stories during the month before Christmas in London. While several characters overlap, each of their stories are unique. One of the characters is

hazelnut sticky buns

For the Anti-Pie Crowd, Make Sticky Buns for Thanksgiving Instead

The cardamom and hazelnut form a delicious flavor duo, especially when paired with this soft, tender dough. I remember the first time I made sticky buns in culinary school during module 4 of my

homemade ghost marshmallows for halloween

Fluffy, Homemade Ghost Marshmallows with Just Five Ingredients

Long before I attended culinary school, I attempted to make homemade marshmallows. Unsurprisingly, my first go was a sticky mess — my marshmallows fell flat. Flash forward a few years later to

lauren jessen culinary arts and culinary management student institute of culinary education

4 Tips for Time Management from a Culinary Arts + Culinary Management Student

Once my Culinary Arts program ended, I had one month left of my management classes. The catch? I had just two weeks until I had to start my externship in a fast-paced NYC restaurant. This meant I had

Lauren Jessen walking through stock room in restaurant

8 Tips for Mastering the Art of Purchasing

At a restaurant, buying more food than needed means inventory and money going to waste. However, if you buy too little of an ingredient and it sells out, you’re faced with unhappy customers and a

churros masters of social gastronomy sarah lohman jonathan soma

Getting to Know Churros

As a student of cooking, I was immediately intrigued when I came across a listing for an event called “The Masters of Social Gastronomy: Fried Foods” at ICE. A look into the history and science behind

busy professional kitchen

7 Ways to Boost Your Culinary Education

School can give you the skills and the foundation, but here are seven ways I've learned you can expand upon your culinary training: Read, Read, Read While reading assignments are already a part of my

culinary student lauren jessen

Seeing the Signs

Let me back up for a second. As I mentioned, in 2014 I earned a Congressional Award Gold Medal and, along with my sister, co-wrote a book about our experience, titled Youth’s Highest Honor: Your Guide

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