Noodles in a dashi broth in a black bowl

How Dashi Led to the Discovery of MSG

At its core, dashi serves as the foundation upon which countless Japanese dishes are built, extending beyond a mere clear broth. Its delicate yet complex taste, characterized by the subtle interplay

A bowl of soy sauce.

Types of Soy Sauce

Its origins can be traced back over 2,000 years to China, where it emerged as a cornerstone of the cuisine. Trade then carried this liquid gold across the world, where it became deeply woven into the

Ramen in a white bowl on a wooden table

Noodle Knowledge: Most Common Types of Ramen

Vastly different from the vaguely chicken-flavored powder found in its popular instant form, traditional Japanese ramen broth has a full spectrum of different flavors to experience, depending on your

A colorful bowl of laksa

All About Laksa Noodles

While it is renowned for its rich and spicy flavors, few may realize that laksa noodle soup is a culinary wonder born from the fusion of Chinese and Malay traditions within the vibrant Peranakan

Chopsticks pull ramen noodles out of a bowl of soup

Noodle Knowledge: An Introduction to Common Types of Japanese Noodles

Initially, these Japanese noodles were prepared in a similar style to Lamain (拉面), the classic hand-pulled Chinese noodle. Over time, Japanese chefs adapted and transformed these noodle dishes

Chinese dumplings in a pan

Dumpling Delving: An Introduction to Chinese Dumplings

Going back as far as Western Han Dynasty, Chinese dumplings have continued to evolve with Chinese cuisine itself, resulting in a broad and extensive variety that can now be enjoyed around the world

A dish of egg noodles with beef and broccoli sits in a black bowl

An Introduction to Common Types of Chinese Noodles

This dedication has led to a wide variety of noodles spread across different provinces and cultures throughout China; each with their own unique preparations and presentations involved. For some, the

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