Chef James Blatt stands in the ICE kitchen

Meet Chef Jamie Blatt

Chef Jamie’s love for cooking began from the observation and admiration of his mother in the kitchen, and later, the chefs he worked alongside as a dishwasher during high school. Chef Jamie continued

Pommes de Terre Byron

Recipe: Pommes de Terre Byron

Chef Rowse’s interpretation of this classic dish incorporates elements of a gratin. Traditionally calling for starchy potatoes such as russets, Chef Rowse uses fingerling potatoes to add more texture

Chef Neal Fraser talks to ICE students behind a table with ingredients on top of it

Meet Neal Fraser, Chef and Co-Owner of Downtown LA's Redbird and Vibiana

Chef Neal Fraser, owner of multiple restaurant concepts in LA, including the acclaimed Redbird, stopped by the Institute of Culinary Education's Los Angeles campus for a demonstration for ICE students

Chef Eric Klein pipes tuna filling into small cones

Meet Chef Eric Klein of Wolfgang Puck Catering

The chef, who is the Vice President of Culinary at Wolfgang Puck Catering, has a straightforward approach to cooking. “It takes you the same amount of time to make good food and bad food," Chef Eric

Christopher Tompkins speaks to ICE students Director of Restaurant & Hospitality Management Mishel LeDoux

Meet Broad Street Oyster Co.’s Owner Christopher Tompkins

Christopher Tompkins stopped by the Institute of Culinary Education's Los Angeles campus for a discussion with Director of Restaurant & Hospitality Management Mishel LeDoux about his experience in the

Chef Hervé's lime brulee sits on a grey plate

Chef Hervé's Lime Crème Brûlée

Though the exact origins of créme brûlée are debated, it’s probably safe to say that the French, Spanish and English chefs of centuries past weren’t using lime juice and ginger powder in their

Two scallion pancake-wrapped enchiladas sit on a green sauce on a white plate

ICE Students Create Flavor-Packed Plant-Based Meal

As a new member of the ICE staff, I was invited to attend the fine-dining four-course meal put on by our Plant-Based Culinary Arts students in their final in-class module of the curriculum. Every

A red-striped croissant sits on a piece of white parchment paper

Buttery, Flaky, Irresistible: Viennoiserie

Today, Pastry & Baking Arts students at ICE have the opportunity to learn and adopt the traditional techniques of viennoiserie, which go back almost a millennium to its origins in Vienna. The most

A pizza with cheese, pepperoni, basil and sausage sits in a brown cardboard box

Everyone Loves Pizza Day at ICE

Pizza, whether viewed as a refined classic flatbread or vehicle for meat, cheese and sauce, is a cornerstone of the culinary landscape in the United States. Fittingly, it also serves an important role

Chef Maya Aldy-Fletcher's sushi bake recipe

Chef Maya's Elevated Sushi Bake Recipe

Sushi bakes, which are a deceptively simple yet deeply delicious take on a rice casserole, have been very trendy on social media. Though the sushi bake as a dish stepped into the spotlight only

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