Four panelists onstage the MAD Foundation panel

Can a Restaurant Do Well and Do Good at the Same Time?

The MAD Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by René Redzepi, the Chef and Owner of world-renowned restaurant Noma, recently hosted a panel discussion questioning if a restaurant can do well

A rainbow crêpe cake.

Celebrate Pride Month with Chef Trung Vu’s Show-Stopping Rainbow Crêpe Cake

June is Pride Month and if you look around — at least here in New York City — there are pride flags flying high this month. According to the National Museum of American History, this pride symbol was

ICE Chef Ann Ziata holds a rhubarb at the Union Square Greenmarket

Savory Rhubarb Recipe: Celebrate Spring with NYC's Greenmarket

ICE Chef Ann Ziata took this month’s collaboration with New York City’s Union Square greenmarket seriously and crafted a rhubarb crostini using only ingredients found at the market (in addition to

Bottles of wine on a shelf.

All About Aging Wine

With my wedding coming up, I’m thinking of how to extend the special day for years to come. Dean of Wine Studies and Master Sommelier Scott Carney, who teaches Intensive Sommelier Training at ICE’s

Chef Jürgen's brownies.

Chef Jürgen’s Favorite Brownies

In a recent video with Epicurious, ICE's Director of Pastry Research & Development Jürgen David blind taste-tested prominent boxed and premade brownies commonly found in grocery stores. He sampled

Steak searing in a pan.

How to Dry-Age Meat at Home

Dry-aging a cut of meat often results in a tender product with a concentrated flavor and some extra fun, funky flavor notes. While traditional dry-aging requires lots of space, specific temperature

Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe & Sausage

Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe Recipe

Chef Sue Gonsalves, a Chef-Instructor in ICE’s Recreational program, selected broccoli rabe to feature this month. Although this cruciferous vegetable looks akin to broccoli and broccolini, Chef Sue

A decorated wedding cake with sugar flowers

All About Cake Math

Looking through recipes like Chef Penny Stankiewicz’s Ultimate Birthday Cake or her Peanut Butter & Jelly Cake, I uncovered a flaw in my plan. I don’t want to bake that much cake. It would be a lot of

Korean-Style Braised Daikon with Mizuna, Kale, Radish Salad

Three Techniques to Try with Radishes

It’s March, and while the weather is hinting towards warmer days ahead, the Union Square Greenmarket in New York City is still displaying winter’s produce. One ingredient still in abundance is the

ICE's PR Manager, Cory Sale, with Jacques Pépin and Jacques Torres.

ICE Honors the Legacy of the French Culinary Institute

ICE evolved from a predecessor school named Peter Kump’s New York Cooking School, which was founded in 1975. Over the years, ICE has continued to grow and evolve into the institution it is today. One

A bottle of Tahitian vanilla extract, raw vanilla beans and a small bottle of vanilla extract on a blue background

An Introductory Guide to Vanilla

Think of vanilla like any other spice in your cabinet — it can be added to cocktails, barbecue rubs, chili and more. Plus, the many forms of vanilla available at the grocery store offer many different

Chef Al's Japanese Sweet and Smoky Potatoes

Chef Al's Japanese Sweet and Smoky Potatoes

The Japanese sweet potato is a favorite of Culinary Arts Chef-Instructor Albert Nguyen. It is less watery than the traditional orange sweet potato everyone is used to, and a little starchier, so it

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