Vegan lasagna roll ups, buffalo cauliflower florets, pumpkin seed dip and brownies sit on a green table

Ultimate Guide: Vegan Super Bowl Recipes

To be honest, I’m in it for the commercials and the food. Nachos, pigs in a blanket, wings, crudites and dips galore. If you’re hosting a viewing party or attending one, here are a few recipes from

A tray of samples at a food festival.

How & Why You Should Volunteer at ICE

Before I was a student in ICE’s Culinary Arts program, the only foodservice job I had was working behind a bakery counter. Aside from reheating quiche, I wasn’t preparing food — I helped customers

Braised chicken with a creamy mushroom sauce.

ICE's Culinary Arts Program Highlights

Taking the Culinary Arts program was a dream. And when you dream about going to culinary school — or at least when I did — I imagined pulling a roasted rack of lamb out of the oven, folding the

Plating food on the line.

An ICE Alumna’s Advice for Choosing an Externship

The process of landing an externship at a restaurant is slightly different than the typical office interview process, as it allows you to experience the kitchen, meet the team and even show off some

A culinary student presenting her final dish.

What ICE's Culinary Arts Practical Exam Is Like

After months of demanding kitchen work, the final two days of ICE's Culinary Arts program consist of market basket challenges where students put forth their own dishes for their Chef-Instructor to

Chefs working on the line at a restaurant.

Essential Restaurant Terminology You Should Know to Feel Comfortable In the Kitchen

The hands-on career training programs at ICE end with an externship, an opportunity for students to gain experience in a professional environment while making connections to kick-start their careers

Concord grape ice cream topped with peanut butter sauce in a pink bowl

An Elevated Ice Cream Recipe that Screams Childhood

Concord grapes can be hard to find fresh, as they have a short season starting in September and ending in early October. Look for them at the farmers' market or in specialty food stores, and you’ll be

green bean salad

A Salad & Spritz that Celebrate Summer’s Bounty

Green beans and potatoes are a popular pairing and Plant-Based Culinary Arts Chef-Instructor Rich LaMarita brings them together into a cool and well-balanced summer salad. The green beans are used two

A rhubarb galette with bright red filling sits on a white plate

Fresh Takes on a Spring Galette

Now that it’s May, the market is popping off! All sorts of greens are available, from Swiss chard to different lettuces and herbs, baby zucchini, asparagus and broccolini. Strawberries from New Jersey

Spring allium salad.

A Salad to Welcome Spring

Spring alliums signal the start of the new season at the farmers market, and Culinary Arts Chef-Instructor Rémy Forgues created a dish that stars spring onions, spring garlic and ramps. His Spring

Chef Nin's green curry falafel dishes sit on a white plate

A Thai Twist on Falafel

Honey is the star of Plant-Based Culinary Arts Chef-Instructor Chayanin (Nin) Pornsriniyom's recipe for Green Curry Falafel with Lemongrass Honey. The honey Chef Nin uses is not just any honey — it's

A dish of celery root with sage

Recipe: Celery Root with Sage

You might not recognize this knobby, scruffy-looking tuber called celery root or celeriac. While related to celery, it is not the root of the celery stalk plant you’re more likely familiar with. It

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