Three pieces of buttermilk lemonade fried chicken garnished with whole basil leaves sit on a white plate

Chef Chris Scott's Buttermilk Lemonade Fried Chicken

When it comes to fried chicken, Chef Chris leaves the bones inside a chicken for juiciness and breaks the bird down into eight pieces. He uses a vacuum seal bag for his brine, removes excess air to

meatloaf wellington

Chef Chris Scott's Meatloaf Wellington

Follow Chef Chris' recipe below for a crispy, flaky, juicy wellington, and get his pro trick for preventing the dough from cracking or collapsing in the video. {"preview_thumbnail":"/sites/default

yam molasses

Winter Vegetable Recipes

Each winter we get to play with the full bounty of root vegetables, and after months of cooking at home, we encourage experimenting. I use the usual suspects we expect on the dinner table, sweet

Chef Chris Scott's Korean-style hot wings

Korean-Style Chicken Wings

"My dish is going to be a fusion of two cultures," Chef Chris says. "My wife is Korean, my background is in Southern food. This dish encompasses both of our styles." He sources free-range, hormone

Warm Roasted Radicchio, Smoked Mozzarella, Buckwheat, Aged Balsamic

Simple Winter Salad Inspiration

Once that first autumn breeze blows in, we almost immediately switch gears to heartier foods. Inspired by what’s happening around us with the changing leaves crunching under our feet, the aroma of

Seafood and white bean chilli with cornbread

Chris Scott's Seafood Chili Recipe

Chef Chris says his main proteins — jumbo lump crab meat, fresh shrimp, scallops and a blue crab — make for a flavorful stock. He adds white beans for sweetness, orange zest for brightness and shrimp

Chef Chris Scott's Bee Pollen Miso

Chef Chris Scott's Bee Pollen Miso

Take an heirloom tomato for example. Delicious right off of the vine with its naturally sweet and somewhat acidic boldness, it can be easily paired with a sprinkle of sea salt, a little olive oil

Chef Chris Scott's Carolina-style barbecue sample dish.

Carolina-Style Pork Barbecue

There’s a river in South Carolina called the Pee Dee River, and anything east of that is vinegar-based barbecue: cider, brown sugar, chili flakes, if you like it spicy; it’s very wet. It’s mopped on

A blurred view of a kitchen

Sobriety in the Kitchen

I’ve seen the destruction from alcohol firsthand in my life and in the lives of people I’ve known and worked with. I even had two cousins destroy their livers and pass away from alcohol abuse well

Cornbread bakes in a muffin tin.

America's Essential Connection to Cornbread

Some would almost immediately think that this bread has no place on a world stage with other “celebrated” breads. Cornbread tells the story of lack and can get caught up in the stigma of shame and

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