Chef Frank's chicken soup

Soul-Satisfying Chicken Soup

Chef Frank shares pro soup terms that chefs use in the kitchen while demonstrating his process: Fond: the brown bits at the bottom of the pan after roasting chicken, the foundation for a lot of good


Chef Frank’s Crown Roast of Lamb

One of the techniques that turns this dish into a show-stopper is Frenching the bone, or completely cleaning the excess fat from the ribs. “This is one of those dishes that has tons of ‘wow’ factor,”

coconut panna cotta

Chef Frank’s Coconut Panna Cotta

Chocolate, vanilla, banana or any which way you cut it, homemade pudding is a comforting dessert that can be easily made at home. The Italian version is known as panna cotta and requires the same

rabbit and morcilla paella

Chef Frank's Meat Paella

Chef Frank uses morcilla, a smoky and delicious blood sausage, and rabbit for flavor. He shows how to properly cut an onion and pepper, and explains why he adds Italian long hot peppers and fava beans

Frank Proto's pork chop with chimichurri

How to Make Pork Chops Tender

Many a home and professional chef have been captivated for years by the best method for how to make a pork chop tender. Chef Frank sources a heritage breed Berkshire pig that's lovingly cared for and

duck ravioli with nettles

Duck Confit Ravioli

"Making pasta is not as difficult as people think," Chef Frank assures. He uses Italian 00 flour for silkiness and wild nettles for green pasta dough with a taste like tangy spinach. Chef Frank

Croque Monsieur Baked Potato

A Croque Monsieur-Inspired Baked Potato

Chef Frank demonstrates how to prepare a flavorful baked potato with crispy skin (and a bed of cheese). He uses a German butterball potato for dryness, fluffiness and a little bit of waxiness

crab chowder

Chef Frank's Crab Chowder

Chef Frank sources live crab, starchy potatoes, jumbo lump crab meat for body and texture, and big, thick chunks of bacon called lardon for his crab chowder. He purees half of his soup for thickening

Pork Shoulder Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

Chef Frank's Pork Shoulder Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

Chef Frank's sandwich combines tender, square cream biscuits that hold up well, flavorful pork shoulder sausage and creamy cheese. He seasons everything throughout the process, including his eggs, and

Chef Frank Proto's nachos

Griddle Nachos with Carnitas and Avocado Crema

"Nachos are good anytime of day. You should make them for breakfast, lunch and dinner — and late-night snacks," Chef Frank advises. He shows us how make and fry our own tortilla chips and how to

Onion rings with homemade ranch dressing

Chef Frank's Gluten-Free Onion Rings

"Whenever I think of onion rings, I think of beer batter," Chef Frank explains while demonstrating his approach to the snack — you can use gluten-free beer or substitute seltzer if desired. He uses

Chef Frank's lamb hot dog with pickled red onions and harissa

Chef Frank's Lamb Hot Dogs from Scratch

A good hot dog to me has a nice snap to it," Chef Frank says. "It should be a little garlicky, it should be a little salty, it should have a little smokiness to it." He likes the gaminess of lamb

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