Leuca's warm cabbage and caesar flavors dish.

Kick Off 2019 with Cabbage

This recipe for fire-roasted cabbage is a twist on a classic salad. We serve it at Leuca all year, and I love making this at home because it is warm with bursts of citrus, a little funk from the

Sweet Potato Flan Caramel

Greg Proechel's Sweet Potato Flan Caramel

This is a dish that incorporates some seasonal ingredients, in this case sweet potato, with flan, which is classic dessert. I think most families have their own flan recipe, and this bumps up the

Marc Murphy's Parmesan cookies

Marc Murphy's Three-Ingredient Cookies

My mother is an excellent cook and can whip up the most elaborate dishes from every country she’s ever lived in — and she’s lived in many! But of all her creations, this one is perhaps the most genius

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