Ariane Daguin

Meet the Culinary Entrepreneurs: Ariane Daguin

Born in the Gascony region of France to a family with a seven-generation culinary legacy—including a chef father with 2 Michelin stars to his name—it was clear from early on that Ariane had inherited

Ken oringer

Meet the Culinary Entrepreneurs: Ken Oringer

Growing up, Oringer wasn’t surrounded by unique ingredients or international cuisines. But as a kid, he always wanted to hold a knife because he knew he belonged in a restaurant kitchen. Whenever his

Donald Link

Meet the Culinary Entrepreneurs: Donald Link

Link is the Chief Executive Officer of the New Orleans based restaurant group Link Restaurant Group, which includes 5 different operations. Link is the recipient of the 2007 James Beard Award for

Allagash cooking competition

12th Annual Cookin' with Allagash Recipe Contest

This year, students were charged with creating Belgian-style dishes to pair with Allagash's popular Saison beer. Of the many students who submitted recipes, the, top three—Hadar Aviram, David Kurihara

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