An Impressive Dessert to Wow Your Holiday Guests

The holidays bring out a little extra style and glamour in all of us. In the same way, we like to decorate our homes and dress up for our celebrations, we should create festive desserts to match the

ice cream from Montreal

Sweet Spotting in Montreal with Chef Victoria Burghi

As a pastry chef, I’ve always enjoyed exploring the food scene of a new city—in particular, learning about new styles of sweets. So I was thrilled to visit Montreal this summer and to learn about the

Recipe: Alfajores

How to Make Perfectly Crumbly Alfajores with Creamy Dulce de Leche

These popular sandwich cookies can be made in many different ways, depending on the country they come from, but they always consist of two soft cookies with some type of jam. In Peru for example


Recipe: Sweet Potato Donuts with Eggnog Sauce

Sweet Potato Donuts Ingredients 240 ml warm milk 7 g dry yeast 450 g bread flour 100 g sugar 7 g salt 2 g cinnamon 1 egg 42 g butter (melted) 130 g sweet potato puree 1 t vanilla extract Instructions

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