hydroponic herbs are added to a rice dish from northern tiger

Freshen Up: FiDi Fast Food Finds with Hydroponic Farm Herbs

We work all day in a hydroponic garden, so we’re surrounded by beautiful, fresh, rare produce. We’re also lazy and hungry — half the time we end up eating at Hudson Eats in Brookfield Place, ICE's

the toothache plant

The Electric Toothache Buzz Button Test

The red-and-yellow buttons of the toothache plant (which are actually collections of dozens of miniscule flowers) poke out of lush, dark-green foliage. They are part of a cluster, arranged on a stem

variety of microgreens grown in hydroponic garden at ICE

Tiny, Delicate, Flavorful: Microgreens

Where did they come from? What are they? Are they grown using smaller seeds? Are they grown in tiny pots? Are they harvested by children? If I’m paying $38 for a main course, why is everything on the

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