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NCR sponsors ICE Professional DevelopmentContinuing Your Culinary Education

Not only will ICE give you the foundation of your culinary future, but also help to continue your pursuit of excellence in your developing career. ICE’s School of Professional Development provides intensive knowledge and training in specific facets of the culinary world, through classes and programs led by experts.

It is no secret that growth of knowledge and skill are instrumental to expanding career opportunities in all fields. The culinary field is no exception. Yet very few places in the world offer a broad range of professional development for culinary professionals. But at ICE, it’s part of our DNA. Our place in the New York food scene and beyond keeps us on the forefront of innovation within the industry. As educators, we take pride in sharing the knowledge, insight, and craftsmanship that our staff, and community of resources possess. For ICE career students, Professional Development is a way that our relationship with you can last far beyond your graduation.

Whether you're looking to refine the strategy to launch your own restaurant or catering business, learn to perfect your chocolate showpieces, write a food blog, or craft the bread that keeps them lined up out the door, ICE's School of Professional Development offers ongoing training and education for you. It’s another way that at ICE, we help you find your culinary voice.

Professional Development Course Categories Include:

Advanced Culinary & Modernist Cuisine

One thing we have noticed about great chefs is that they have an appetite for new knowledge, and lifelong learning.  And in the culinary field, a range of new techniques and tools mean that there are definitely new things to learn.  "Molecular Gastronomy", "Modernist Cuisine"...10 years ago these categories did not exist! Upcoming or recent classes include:

Tools & Dishes of Modern Cuisine (4/28, 6/10, 9/23)
Introduction to Hydrocolloids & Vita-Prep Techniques (5/21)
Advanced Hydrocolloids & Vita-Prep Techniques (7/1, 8/6)
Advanced Vita-Prep Techniques (9/3)

Advanced Pastry Studies

Chocolate, sugar design and specialty baking are all areas where higher levels of mastery and art are possible.  ICE's course offerings include multi-day "CAPS" courses (Center for Advanced Pastry Studies) as well as master classes with Chef Michael Laiskonis.  Michael is now ICE's Creative Director and in 2007 won the James Beard Foundation's Best Pastry Chef in America award.

• Composition and Structure: The Humble Complexity of the Egg (1/15)
• A Hydrocolloids Primer (1/23)
• Composition and Structure: A Scientific Approach to Cooking (1/28)
• CAPS: Ice Cream Innovations (2/3)
• CAPS: NYC Dessert Trends (2/19-2/21)
• Plated Desserts: Techniques in Chocolate (2/25)
• CAPS: NYC's Four-Star Restaurant Modern Dessert Series (3/3)
Confectionery: Classic & Contemporary (3/31)
The Art of the Pre-Dessert (4/15)

Food Media Courses

The public's vast appetite for culinary news and knowledge, and the possibilities brought on by new technology and the internet have led to increased opportunities for individuals schooled in Food Media. Upcoming or recent classes include:

Start Your Own Food Blog (4/21, 6/4 or 9/15)
How to Review Restaurants (5/7 or 6/10)
How to Write a Recipe (5/21 or 10/22)
Social Media in the Culinary Realm (6/7)
How to be a Food Writer (9/3-9/10)
The Essential Content Marketing Connection (9/17)
Food Styling with Food52 (10/4)
Advanced Food Blogging (10/15)

Culinary Management & Business

Every kitchen a chef, pastry chef or restaurant manager works in is also a business. As you advance in that business, there are a range of topics that you will want or have to know more about, from new technology applications and current HR/legal issues to understanding financial statements.  Upcoming or recent classes include:

Financial Detectives: Reading the Numbers Blindfolded (5/10)
One Day Restaurant School (5/14 or 9/10)
Hot Legal and Management Issues (5/31)
Practical Food Safety (6/14)
Business Plans for Food Concepts (6/28)
Restaurant Road Map (7/19)
You've Started Your Food Business...What's Next? (9/26)

How to Open a Specialty Food Shop (5/3-5/4 or 8/16-8/17)
How to Launch and Market Your Own Food Product (5/9, 6/22 or 9/14)
How to Open a Bar (6/21)
How to Staff Your Business (6/25)
Find Your Culinary Voice (and Career) with ICE Experts (7/8, 10/21)

Beverage & Wine

Wine Essentials (5/5-6/16, 6/4-7/16, 7/22-8/26, 8/7-9/11, or 9/8-10/20)
Advanced Wine Essentials (5/8-5/29 or 7/14-8/4)
Reserves from the ICE Cellar (5/9 or 9/26)
Wine for Couples (5/17, 7/31 or 9/20)
Intro to Wine (5/27-6/3, 6/19-6/26, 7/30-8/6, 9/9-9/16, or 10/2-10/9)
Prosecco, Amarone and Everything In Between: A Trip to Veneto (6/10)
Unraveling the Mysteries of Burgundy (6/12)
Summer Wine Social (6/28)
Going to California (8/20)
The Riches and Glories of Bordeaux (10/8)

Expert Demonstrations & Lectures

• The Food of Tribeca Grill with Chef Kamal Rose (5/14)
Celebrating Pulutan: Snack Foods of the Philippines with Chef Miguel Trinidad (5/19)
• The Whole "Oeuvre" with Chef and Author James Peterson (5/30)
Modern Latin Cooking with Chef Daisy Martinez (6/10)
Chile’s Diverse Reds with Chef Ruth Van Waerebeek and Concha y Toro (6/13)
The Soul of Spain with Chef Jeffery Weiss (6/25)
Carving a Spanish Delicacy: Jamón Iberíco with Master Carver Mario Hiraldo Regalado (6/26)
Game, Guts, and Off-Cuts with Chef Brad Farmerie & Chef Kevin Chojnowski (7/1)
The Whole Hog: with Master Butcher Rudi Weid (7/9)

The Signature Desserts of Bar Boulud with Chef Tyler Atwell (6/18)
The Bistro Desserts of db bistro moderne with Chef Miguel Cazares (7/19)
• From the ICE Pastry Lab: Recent Ideas & Techniques with Chef Michael Laiskonis (9/9)

Techniques and Art of Cake Decorating

ICE offers a unique 60-lesson, 240-hour focused program on the Techniques and Art of Professional Cake Decorating, developed by award-winning ICE Chef-Instructor Toba Garrett. In addition to Toba, the course includes guest classes by modern cake artists Elisa Strauss (an ICE alum) and Collette Peters.

• Techniques and Art of Professional Cake Decorating (Begins 6/23)

Techniques and Art of Bread Baking

ICE’s Techniques and Art of Professional Bread Baking program elevates and extends the core concepts from our award-winning Pastry & Baking Arts curriculum, for students who want to make bread the center of their culinary careers. This comprehensive, 200-hour program was developed and is led by ICE’s own Chef Sim Cass, the founding baker of New York City’s accclaimed Balthazar Bakery.

Techniques and Art of Professional Bread Baking (Begins 4/28)

Alumni & Career Student International Trips

Italy: A Culinary Immersion

For specific upcoming schedules of all Professional Development classes, lectures and demonstrations, please click here.