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Scott McMillen

ICE Pastry Arts Chef Instructor Scott McMillenPastry & Baking Arts Chef-Instructor

Scott McMillen started his career at ICE part-time in spring 2002, before taking the full plunge in fall 2004. Before teaching, he was the executive pastry chef of Manhattan Ocean Club for nearly ten years. Even though he originally sought a career in the savory side of the kitchen, he started working there as a pastry cook right after graduating from culinary school in 1992 and never looked back.

To describe his culinary voice, he says, “I like to work with humble ingredients and put them together to accomplish a product that far surpasses the sum of those parts. Understanding how ingredients and flavors blend to create flavors and textures continues to motivate me. I attempt to show students that true understanding of baking is found in the methods of preparation. Once these methods are known, learned, and repeated they can be used as a source for their own creative expression.”

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