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Sarah Chaminade

Pastry and Baking Arts Chef-InstructorPastry & Baking Chef-Instructor

ICE Chef-Instructor Sarah Chaminade grew up in Connecticut and Maryland, where she regularly watched Julia Child's and Jacques Pepin's shows, and even pretended to host her own cooking show. During high school, she worked her way up through a Damon's Grill & Sports Bar and a Macaroni Grill, from hostess to prep cook to garde manger. That's where she learned what it was like to “sweat in the kitchen and be a female amongst a sea of men.” Since the art and design that came with the pastry profession came naturally for her, she decided to earn her degree in baking and pastry from the Culinary Institute of America. Chaminade worked for 15 years for a range of restaurants, bakeries and catering companies in New York and Connecticut—most recently as Executive Pastry Chef at The Garden Hotel—then started looking for a way to share her knowledge while continuing to learn from other talented chefs. Soon she ended up teaching both Professional Baking & Pastry and Recreational classes at ICE. She also works as a private chef; one of her most rewarding jobs right now is teaching “a really bright autistic teen who loves to cook. It's very rewarding to see how he is evolving from one lesson to the next.”

For Chaminade, planning and organizational skills are key: “I think of myself as a conductor in an orchestra.” Her top tip for those considering this business is to “work in a kitchen during the holidays to give yourself a real idea of what the life of a chef is before you jump in headfirst!”

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