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Alex Orman

Alex Orman is a Pastry & Baking Arts instructor at ICE in NYC. Pastry & Baking Arts Chef Instructor

Growing up, Chef Alex was inspired to pursue the culinary arts from a young age. After he moved to the U.S., he enrolled in hotel and restaurant management courses at New York City College of Technology. In 1998, Chef Alex had the opportunity to relocate to France to work in the kitchen of the prestigious Hotel de France. Later, Chef Alex ventured into the NYC restaurant scene, and served as a pastry chef at the acclaimed Russian Tea Room. There, he received two gold medals from the Salon of Culinary Art of the Societe Culinaire Philanthropique. After stints at the Glen Oaks Country Club, City Hall, La Grenouille and Gascogne Bistro, Chef Alex ventured out and opened my own restaurant in Staten Island — Alor Cafe. Over the course of seven years, Alor Cafe has transformed into a fine dining and music venue. Today, Chef Alex is the proud father of three, living with his wife and children in Brooklyn.