Find your cullinary voice

Marc Taxiera

Marc Taxiera is an alumnus of the Institute of Culinary Education.Executive Chef, Russian Tea Room, New York City, NY
Culinary Arts, 1998

Marc Taxiera started working in restaurants while still in high school. He fell in love with the industry and hasn’t looked backed since. After completing his studies at ICE, he completed his externship at Lidia Bastianich’s Felidia. He went on to work at Baldoria. He joined Beppe and work with famed chef Cesare Casella. After Casella left the restaurant, Taxiera became Executive Chef and held the position for three years. He joined the Russian Tea Room in 2007. He says that his favorite part of the job is the rush of service on a busy night — “I love orchestrating the kitchen and having all the elements come together. Completing a big night in organized chaos is one of the greatest rushes in the world.” When asked about how ICE helped him find his culinary voice, he says, “ICE opened a new world of new ingredients and gave me the confidence I needed to walk into any restaurant and know I have the skills and knowledge to succeed.”