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Professional Mixology Course Curriculum

Session 1: Introduction to Professional Mixology 

Learn the history, traditions and production methods behind the leading alcohols (vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whiskey, bourbon and Scotch). Students will discuss their flavor profiles, taste popular brands and learn the most common uses for each liquor.

Session 2: Mixology Techniques 

This very hands-on session will cover recipes and mixing techniques for both classic and modern cocktails. You’ll learn about bar setup, glassware, pouring, mixing techniques for each type of drink, best practices, service speed and working clean, recipes, and popular cocktails (straight and rocks; highballs; juice drinks, multi-liquor drinks; martinis; frozen drinks; pousse-cafés; hot drinks; beer and wine cocktails). You'll then have the opportunity to make each drink under Anthony Caporale’s guidance.

Session 3: Classic Cocktails

Every bartender has been stumped by a guest who orders a drink he or she has never heard of before. With the thousands of different recipes listed in bartending books, it's nearly impossible to learn them all. While the majority of cocktails included in these ponderous tomes are never ordered in the real world, there are several dozen drinks that every good bartender (professional or recreational) should commit to memory. Anthony Caporale has compiled these must-know cocktails into his "Bartender's Canon," and will lead you through mixing them all!

Session 4: Culinary Mixology

Take your cocktails to the next level and start mixing like a chef. Anthony Caporale will show you how to make incredible drinks using herbs, spices, vegetables and other ingredients more commonly found in the kitchen than behind the bar. You will learn to make a Seafood Bloody Mary, add bell peppers to your Mojitos and spice up your martinis with fresh basil. You're guaranteed to move your window-box garden closer to your bar after this class!

Session 5: Bar Management Basics/Wine & Beer Cocktails 

You'll be introduced to the basics of running a successful bar program, including how to create a profitable drink menu, developing signature recipes, inventory management, product ordering and theft prevention. The second half will explore the latest trends in wine and beer cocktails, and how to incorporate these drinks into your beverage offerings.

Session 6: Cocktail Recipe Development

Every bartender aspires to create the next great drink one day, but few understand the flavor interactions that turn new cocktails into classics. This class will cover the templates behind successful drinks, and provide you with a solid foundation for developing signature cocktails that not only taste great, they’re also profit-drivers. Once you've mastered the theory behind recipe development, you'll get to try your hand at creating your very own liquid masterpiece!

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