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How to Open a Culinary Business

How to Start a Successful Bakery or Baked-Goods Business

Alan Someck
Monday, September 12, 6-8:30pm
or Monday, January 23, 6-8:30pm
$100 • 1 session
If you’re thinking about opening a retail bakery, wholesale bakery, or bakery-related business, you need to understand the keys to success. It’s an exciting time to get into the food business, but it’s also a hazardous undertaking (the failure rate of food-related businesses is 80%). This essential workshop will focus on the key strategies you need to understand to give yourself a competitive edge and a roadmap to success. We'll cover:
• Establishing a bakery-related concept
• How to get started
• How to position your bakery/product as unique
• The business plan and its importance to success
• How to determine the right location/target market
• The importance of marketing, packaging, and design
• Understanding sales, expenses and profits, and capital budget
• How to raise the money necessary to start up your business

Alan Someck has been a successful restaurant operator for 25 years, and is currently a consultant with three professional pastry chefs with Food StartUp Help. He has been a Culinary Management instructor for ICE for the past six years, working with individuals looking to open their food-related businesses.

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How to Launch and Market Your Own Food Product

Terry Frishman
Sunday, September 11, 10am-2pm
or Thursday, October 13, 6-9:30pm
or Sunday, January 8, 10am-2pm
$100 • 1 session
Specialty food products are a $120 billion industry, and one that remains attractive to entrepreneurs both large and small. If you have a recipe or product you'd like to produce or market, whether locally or nationally, there's no time like the present to explore the opportunities. Award-winning marketing and business consultant Terry Frishman has successfully developed concepts, branded, and launched profitable product lines for companies like Kraft, Newsweek, Sarabeth's, and Sylvia's Restaurant—so she knows the territory inside and out! She’ll take you through each subject you need to know to launch your own product, including:
• Specialty food categories
• Understanding your customer
• Key trends and opportunities
• Meaningful product positioning
• Packaging and Production
• Insurance and Certification
• Shelf-life testing
• Test Marketing
• Pricing and How to make a profit
• How to define and layer a meaningful mission into your business
• Sales, merchandising and sales materials
• Public relations.

So if you have a startup idea, take the opportunity to explore all the issues before you begin, with expert Terry Frishman—noted business development lecturer and the owner of Creative Marketing Workshops LLC. 

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Opening a Fast Casual or Retail Food Business

Stephen Zagor & Tara Berman
Sat-Sun, September 24-25, 9am-1pm
or Sat-Sun, January 21-22, 9am-1pm
$200 • 2 sessions
If you have an idea for the next Chipotle, Shake Shack, or even Dean & DeLuca, this course will help you evaluate and develop your idea into a real business! From concept and niche marketing to controlling costs and making money, food marketing and management experts Stephen Zagor and Tara Berman will teach you exactly how to navigate all the pitfalls of opening your own business, including:

• Developing an overall business plan
• Understanding the self-serve/fast casual model
• Finding a location and understanding the lease
• Designing the business
• Figuring out money and budgeting: Financial benchmarks
• Controlling revenue and inventory
• Finding investors
• Hiring the best and training for service
• Advertising and promotion
• Knowing the cycle of service for repeat business

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Essentials of Catering 101

David Turk
Thursday, November 3, 6:30-9:30pm
$100 • 1 session
Opening a catering company is the aspiration of many a cook. In this course led by David Turk, owner of Indiana Market & Catering, you will get many of the answers you've been seeking to make it happen. Come prepared for a fast-paced orientation, designed to give you the tools necessary to:

• Decide whether or not this industry is for you
• Understand what skills are necessary for success
• Learn how to price your product AND make money
• Figure how to source the right products for your business
• Uncover key marketing tools that are right at your disposal
• Develop a winning sales formula
• Find out where the pros go for ongoing support

Get ready to learn from someone who has made MANY of the mistakes that newcomers are prone to making—so that you don't have to! David Turk is the founder and president of Indiana Market & Catering, a full-service caterer and event-planning company in New York City. Over the past 25 years, Turk's leadership has made Indiana one of New York City's top caterers. Indiana, named Best Value/Dinner Caterer in New York and the highest-rated caterer in the Zagat's "New York City Marketplace" guide, is known for its innovative American cooking, high standards, and excellent service. Turk has been responsible for organizing thousands of events throughout New York for clients like: NBC, the New York Public Library, The Walt Disney Corp., ESPN, Time Warner, Google, AOL, American Express, and Sony Corporation.

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