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Culinary Management & Business

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Business Plans for Food Concepts

Alan Someck
Monday, March 12, 6-8:30pm
$100 • 1 session

This workshop will focus on the basics of an effective business plan for any type of food concept---be it a restaurant, bakery, catering business, packaged food product, or food truck. Anyone serious about starting a food operation needs to have a serious business plan as their road map! They also need key advice on raising the funds necessary to begin the process. A business plan provides an edge to the entrepreneur in this highly competitive marketplace. Culinary startup expert and experienced restaurant manager Alan Someck will cover a comprehensive range of topics, including:

• Developing a winning food concept
• Creating a unique selling point
• The importance of the menu
• How to choose a location or distribution strategy
• How to analyze the marketplace
• Developing an effective marketing plan, including social media
• The critical financials
• How to staff a strong management team

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How to Launch and Market Your Own Food Product

Terry Frishman
Sunday, April 29, 10am-2pm
$100 • 1 session

Specialty food products are a $120 billion industry, and one that remains attractive to entrepreneurs both large and small. If you have a recipe or product you'd like to produce or market, whether locally or nationally, there's no time like the present to explore the opportunities. Award-winning marketing and business consultant Terry Frishman has successfully developed concepts, branded, and launched profitable product lines for companies like Kraft, Newsweek, Sarabeth's, and Sylvia's Restaurant—so she knows the territory inside and out! She’ll take you through each subject you need to know to launch your own product, including:

• Specialty food categories
• Understanding your customer
• Key trends and opportunities
• Meaningful product positioning
• Getting the wrap on packaging
• The ins and outs of production
• Insurance & Certifications
• Test marketing
• Sales, Pricing & How to make a profit
• Merchandising and sales materials
• Public relations 

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How to Start a Successful Bakery or Baked-Goods Business

Alan Someck
Monday, May 7, 6-8:30pm
$100 • 1 session

If you’re thinking about opening a retail bakery, wholesale bakery, or bakery-related business, you need to understand the keys to success. It’s an exciting time to get into the food business, but it’s also a hazardous undertaking (the failure rate of food-related businesses is 80%). This essential workshop will focus on the key strategies you need to understand to give yourself a competitive edge and a roadmap to success. We'll cover:

• Establishing a bakery-related concept
• The business plan and how to get started
• How to position your bakery/product
• How to determine the right location/target
• The importance of marketing & packaging
• Understanding sales, expenses, and profits 

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Turn Your Side Hustle into $$$

Stephen Zagor
Saturday, April 7, 9am-12pm
$100 • 1 session

Have tons of friends and family asked you to make a kids’ birthday cake, bottle your special jelly or iced tea, or cater a dinner party? Are you seriously considering doing this for a living instead of your current nine-to-five? Do you dream of starting a side hustle that might one day become a full-time business? In this one-morning class, Steve Zagor will help you answer the questions you should know before you leap. He’ll help you develop a strategy to turn your passion into a bona fide business. Steve will walk you through the legal considerations of cooking from your own kitchen, and the biggest consideration of all: How much cash do you need to fund your dream? You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of what it means to really be an entrepreneur, as well as a road map to get you there.

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